Zeal crew supports under 18s at Homegrown 2018

Over 20,000 punters came through the waterfront for a day of live, loud, New Zealand music.

Wellington young people celebrated at Coexistence 2018

"We were thrilled that young people got the opportunity to be a part of this, and that we could put on an entertaining event for this beautiful city!"

Rezpect Dance Academy: 2018 update

"Young people need to be empowered, need to be loved, valued and acknowledged as something that is of worth."

Meet the family: Hayley Davies, MATES Waikato Manager

"The best thing we can do is journey alongside young people and inspire them to expect and seek out better and bigger things for themselves. "

Street Youth Work Hamilton - March update

"'It's amazing to have a team of volunteers who show up week after week and create an authentic sense of belonging on the streets."

Barista courses, open mic nights and epic hangs in Kapiti this March

"It's been so cool to see the young people tapping into their creativity and the art that has come out of it!"

Meet the family: Grace Blummont, Youth Work Intern

"Find the thing that makes you want to get up every morning and go for gold!"

Meet the family: Mandy Huser, Youth Development Coordinator

"Be honest with young people about your struggle and your mess. Be the person you needed when you were their age."

Zeal Gateway: learn to make coffee and earn credits in Wellington

Our barista course for young people covers everything from flat whites to customer service!

Versus Talent Quest: highlights, winners and results

16 talented artists hit Stokes Valley in Feb to battle it out thanks to the support of the Hutt City Council.

Meet the family: final thoughts with James Harris, Manager

From West Auckland punk to Zeal Wellington Manager, James' journey has taken him all over New Zealand chasing the dream of helping young people.

Messying the canvas: Zeal Hui with Mandy

"Zeal is one of the most genuine, supportive, authentic and connection-focused relationships I have stumbled upon."

Meet the family: Jared Ipsen, Comms Coordinator

"Through everything, always hold on to why you’re doing what you’re doing. Look after yourself. Drink more water."

Kāpiti youth centre to begin build in January as year ends on a high note

November was a busy month for the Zeal Kāpiti team, with more great local events and community partnerships closing out the year.

Matt Grey: 7 questions with Zeal's CEO as we look to 2018

"A lot of people go through their life asking "what's in it for me," but the Zeal team ask "what can I do for others"."

Hamiltron Nerdfest sees thousands free their inner geek

In our biggest ever event, Hamiltron Nerdfest saw every nook and cranny of the venue filled with culture, competition, cosplay and crates of vinyl.

Meet the family: a chat with Hadleigh, Zeal West's new Manager

"The best youth workers have a firm understanding of why they do what they do, so understand your WHY, and keep a hold of that."

Zeal launches 'Good Vibes: Your guide to alcohol-free events'

We have launched the Good Vibes Guide for anyone who is looking to organise a successful alcohol-free event for young people.

Kāpiti comes alive with Zeal workshops, live music and events

November was a packed month for the Kāpiti crew, with young local talent popping up everywhere to showcase their tunes to the world.

Laters JP: One final chat with our outgoing Zeal West Manager

After five glorious years of working with us in West Auckland, JP is moving on to the next adventure in his life.

Jazz jams blow crowd away at Zeal Welly's first gig

Zeal Wellington had their first show in their new venue this October, with young musicians jumping up and having a crack at the world's smoothest genre.

Want to win $1000 in cash / prizes at Versus Talent Quest in Lower Hutt?

Calling all young musicians, comedians, dancers, poets and creatives from the Wellington region- we want you!

Zeal Hams crew camps in Turangi, didn't even go trouting

"Our camps are a special time for our whānau, sharing experiences and challenging ourselves to look beyond our every day situations back home"

Meet the family: Miguel Raman, youth work coordinator

"Listening to your young people is always a must. Sometimes young people aren't looking for answers. They just want somewhere to be present."

Study youth work through Zeal & Praxis in 2018. Seriously, do it.

Get yourself a Diploma in Youth & Community Studies over a life-changing two years of work and study.

Hawke's Bay youth ready to start creative programmes in Zeal's Design Box

The final touches have been finished, and on Monday, we opened our doors for the first time.

Meet the family: Jenna Harris, Wellington General Manager

"If you want a 9-5 job, this isn't for you, but living a life in the service of others is the most fulfilling thing you will ever do."

Zeal West celebrates young creativity in collaboration with IDEA services

The Zeal crew celebrated young West Auckland talent at their exhibition, People & Places, filled with photography and art from IDEA Service's students.

Kāpiti youth centre begins build as workshops continue

The Zeal Kāpiti crew is set to start construction in their new premises, as the portable music box continues providing workshops to high schools in the area.

"What do you live for?" Introducing Zeal's Colour Run

On the 10th of September, over 800 spectators, standers-by and sprinters came together to celebrate life at the (sold out!!!) Colour Run in beautiful Napier.

What can we do about youth unemployment in NZ? Zeal Welly's radical new approach

The crew unveiled our new venture - aimed at breaking the cycle of youth unemployment.

Hamilton's acoustic scene in tune with young people's creativity

What better way to test out our new admin assistant, Jason (19) by asking him to plan an acoustic night?

Living the dream: Nate Telford's top 5 Zeal wins

"After an incredible 2.8 years of living the dream with our incredible team at Zeal, it's come time for me to say thank you and good bye!"

Meet the family: Pete Morris, Wellington Studio Director

"Young people are discovering the boundaries that surround them. By pushing these ‘boundaries,’ they learn who they really are."

Meet the family: Christine Stucki, Digital Campaigner

"Coming into this role, it's very focused on building an online community so you'd think I'd be glued to my screen. On a daily basis, I'm proved wrong!"

Zeal on a plate: tacos and tunes at Zeal Kāpiti

In August, we saw the 17 day travelling celebration of the best food the region has to offer hit Kāpiti - with live music courtesy of the Zeal Kāpiti crew!

Do we need to talk about mental health in NZ? Here's an easy way to start

We all spend way more time on social media than we should. What if we used some of it for good?

Caffeinating the masses: Kapiti’s coffee cart finds new home to train youth

Zeal’s coffee cart is parked up at Paraparauma College, where students will learn the fine art of brews.

30 under 30 awards: celebrating community achievements (and the Zeal Hamilton crew!)

The Zeal Familton crew hosted the 30 Under 30 awards - and we ended up winning one, too!

Zeal Wellington: Breaking the Cycle of Youth Unemployment

“We believe that young people in New Zealand face a crisis of identity and purpose," says James, Zeal Wellington Manager.

Meet the family: Hayley Rosser, Wellington Youth Work Intern

We talk with Hayley about TV shows, NZ music, and dogs (of course)!

How we discovered Zeal’s people values (and what they actually are)

The start of our new culture deck reads: “Culture happens. So let’s make a great one.”

Phat Chats: young kiwis redefining what masculinity means

A group of teenagers in Kāpiti have started a weekly group to explore true masculinity.

Team up of the century: Zeal Hams, Agora Cafe and a lot of coffee

We were invited to come and run workshops for young people - so we loaded up the van with supplies, and took the long road to Frankton.

"There is only one you": Teen duo step up to teach the art of self-love

Two 16-year-old girls from Wellington have taken it upon themselves to "teach the world love."

West Auckland’s freshest talent perform at Zeal’s ‘Connect’ showcase

"The exhibition format helps remove some of the vulnerability you feel as a performer" - Justin, 19

Zeal Hamilton weather report: currently crushing it, no signs of letting up

We broke down our first half of 2017 to let you all know how it’s going.

Lehi Duncan: Pizza and Xbox are legitimate youth work tools

"Some of the best youth work I have seen in my five years in youth development has been in front of an Xbox"

Back and Beth-er than ever: The Great Mental Health Experiment [Interview]

As we gear up to launch Season 2, we had some yarns with Christine and Beth (the team behind the videos) to see what they've got in store for us!

5 tips for pulling off epic all ages events from Zeal Event Bootcamp

Young people linked up over the weekend to learn the ins and outs of putting on events. Check out some tips we picked up!

We survived: Zeal Wellington's great North Island road trip

"I didn't know everyone that well, and it was great to get to know them better. I loved every part of it. I wouldn't change a thing."

"Pies and energy drinks do not count as real food": Youth work advice from Emmah Williams [Interview]

Starting off ten years ago at Zeal Wellington's events, Emmah became one of our strongest youth advocates.

Kāpiti is getting a Zeal! Youth facility receives green light

“Zeal will be the only all ages venue on the coast, dedicated to giving young people a space to perform and show their talents,” says Dooley.

Zeal Event Bootcamp - tickets / info

Have you ever dreamt of running the largest music festivals in the world?! Keen to put on a HUGE event at your school or in your neighbourhood? Register for Bootcamp today!

Hamilton teen on a mission to make city more awesome, less suck

Kieran Stephens has taken it upon himself to transform Hamilton for young people.

Kāpiti youth launch region's first Gateway events

Over the month of May, Gateway students from Kāpiti dreamed, schemed and executed two events for the youth of the region.

Street youth worker Philip Faresa: A new kind of role model

“A lot of our young people are disconnected, but a bad action doesn’t make them a bad person,” says Philip Faresa.

Sisters are doing it for themselves at Zeal Wellington

First dreamed up on a sleepless night, Wellington's Girls’ Group has been running for over two years - and just keeps getting bigger.

MATES mentoring partnership kicks off in Hamilton

Zeal’s partnership with MATES has kicked off in Hamilton, with thirty mentors working with high schoolers to achieve their goals.

Zip lines and rock climbs: Zeal West's new Adventure Club

A group of West Auckland young people are braving the elements in search of adventures.

Want to win $1000 in cash / prizes at Versus Talent Quest in Lower Hutt?

Calling all young musicians, comedians, dancers, poets and creatives in Hawkes Bay and New Plymouth - we want you!

West Auckland lit up by young Gateway students

"Everyone had that smile and sigh of relief of 'wow, we pulled of a great night out in West Auckland!'"

Supporting each other through 13 Reasons Why: A youth worker's perspective

Regardless of whether the show is helpful or not, people are watching it and we need to talk about it.

Young people take the lead in jam-packed Zeal Welly event

Completely planned, executed and run by young people, the April 29 event featured the best of local young talent.

West Auckland youth connect with creative side at exhibition

After three months exploring and honing their creative passions, Zeal students displayed their work in our first exhibition for 2017.

Guest post: My top 7 moments from the Zeal Paint Party

"Countless smiles and friends climbing on shoulders to get closer to the action. Who knew that paint and confetti could evoke so much elation?"

Term 2 Zeal West creative programmes - sign up now!

Are you a young person in Auckland looking to explore your creativity? We have a bunch of amazing programmes kicking off soon!

Zeal Street Youth Work receives three-year backing by Momentum Waikato

In partnership with the amazing folk at Momentum Waikato, Zeal Hamilton is on a three-year mission to transform young people in Hamilton's CBD.

Auckland paint party by Zeal and BUZZED - powerful partners

Zeal and BUZZED are forces to be reckoned with in our society - and the paint party is just the beginning.

Hawke's Bay thinks outside the box for design classes

The Zeal Hawke's bay crew are looking to activate their latest dream, the Design Box - and we need your help!

5 speakers you need to see at the Zeal Music Symposium this May

This event that looks to inspire and equip young musicians with tools and knowledge to help them take their next steps forward in the NZ Music Industry.

6 epic moments from Zeal at CubaDupa 2017

For one special weekend every year, Cuba St explodes into a festival of music, art and culture.

Hamilton 'hot spots' target of street youth work pilot

Our group of volunteers and staff have been hitting the streets every Saturday night, proactively looking for young people in need.

Great potential in Zeal Hamilton’s new MATES partnership

The amazing folk at the Great Potentials Foundation are teaming up with Zeal in 2017 to bring the MATES programme to Hamilton.

Hawke's Bay paint party 2017: highlights

In March, the Event Box hit the road again - and this time, they brought paint.

Zeal appoints new CEO as Brook Turner ends decade of leadership

Youth organisation Zeal has appointed General Manager Matt Grey as its new Chief Executive.

Brook Turner: An open letter as I finish as Zeal CEO

"Growing Zeal from the ground up has been one of the hardest, most rewarding pursuits of my life."

Every free vote donates $5 to Zeal. Vote today to change lives!

Thanks to The Trusts West Auckland, we are in the running to get up to $50,000 - but we need your help!

Auckland schools tour 2017: highlights megapost

Zeal has linked up with eight Auckland high schools to get lunchtimes pumping with our Event Box and massive inflatable soccer field!

Amazing creative tutor jobs available now at Zeal West

We are looking for art design, songwriting and performing arts tutors to run classes at our West Auckland youth centre!

Zeal Wellington crew takes youth work to the streets

Zeal Wellington is taking a new approach to its youth work, operating through a pop-up model.

Shake the City sends good vibrations through Hamilton

The Event Box's first trip to Hamilton went down a treat with 1,000 locals soaking up the vibes.

Zeal staff re-energize, do some bombs, at recent Hui

The entire Zeal crew hit the Hawke's Bay this January to rest, reflect and recharge for the exciting year we have planned ahead.

Zeal unleashes new music studio inside a shipping container

The Zeal Kāpiti crew in conjunction with the Kāpiti Coast District Council have launched their new Music Box.

Zeal Hamilton 2017 pathways starting soon! Sign up now.

The Zeal Familton crew has been working hard to bring you new and exciting pathways this year. Check em out and sign up.

Zeal West creative pathways begin this February. Sign up now.

Learn photography, hip hop dance, songwriting or art in your afternoons this term!

3 awesome jobs at Live For Tomorrow this summer (that you probably know awesome people for)

Needed: Volunteer Counsellors for Social Media, a Project Assistant and a Social Media Data Analyst.

Royale Rumble erupts as Zeal launches first youth event in New Plymouth

New Plymouth sure knows how to party! Check out all the event photos and highlights video here.

Te Rangi Hiroa Youth Park Opening

It was a real privilege to support Henderson-Massey Local Board as they officiated the opening of Te Rangi Hiroa Youth Park in Ranui.

Zeal Welly knocks Festival 103 out of the park

Miss out on one of the biggest events to drop at Zeal Welly this year?! Catch up on all the highlights and photos here.

Zeal surprises students in New Plymouth with epic schools tour

Check out all of the photos and videos from our epic week touring all five high schools in New Plymouth.


  • Afternoon hangs
    Come hangout! Everyone’s welcome. We have a pool table, table tennis, Xbox, wifi and a bunch of amazing people to meet Tue-Fri 3-6pm, 1-6pm during holidays. Its free.
  • Dance
    Learn skills for the dance floor with our hip hop classes, for more details and enrolments click here or email naomi@zeal.nz
  • Event management
    Learn to craft and run events that pump! From gigs to festivals and everything in between. This programme is NZQA accredited with work-placement opportunities and in partnership with your high school, so please talk to your school Gateway Coordinator before enrolling. For more details click here or email naomi@zeal.nz
  • Audio engineering
    Develop practical skills in studio recording and mixing live sound. This programme is NZQA accredited with work-placement opportunities and in partnership with your high school, so please talk to your school Gateway Coordinator before enrolling. For more details click here or email naomi@zeal.nz
  • Rehearsal rooms
    Get gig ready or just jam! Rehearsal space, recording studios, PA and other equipment available. Bookings essential. Open Mon-Sat 9am-10pm. $20 p/h. sophie.jack@zeal.nz
  • Photography
    Move beyond auto mode! Learn to capture stunning images then take part in an exhibition at the end of each semester. We run basic to advanced photography, for more details and enrolments click here or email naomi@zeal.nz.
  • Social marketing
    Develop your marketing chops and run projects to address youth issues. Free! If this sounds like you and you want to join the team please contact beth@zeal.nz
  • Recording
    Ready to record your music? Get in touch. Bookings essential. Cost $250 per day (8hrs). sophie.jack@zeal.nz
  • Exhibition space
    Ready to exhibit? Showcase your art in our gallery. Bookings essential. Affordable rates please contact kerryn@zeal.nz
  • Art design
    Learn how to use industry standard software and design epic material on Adobe media suite. This programme is NZQA accredited with work-placement opportunities and in partnership with your high school, so please talk to your school Gateway Coordinator before enrolling. For more details click here or email naomi@zeal.nz

  • Songwriting
    Learn the fundamentals of songwriting and craft your own tunes or raps. Caters to all levels, for more details and enrolments click here or email naomi@zeal.nz.
  • Art murals
    Take on challenging art projects, explore different mediums, workings an end of semester exhibition, for more details and enrolments click here or email naomi@zeal.nz.
  • Health gateway
    Hands-on experience in the growing industries of health promotion and social marketing. Focus of this is around positive mental health and wellbeing. This programme is NZQA accredited with work placement opportunities and in partnership with your high school - talk to your Gateway Coordinator. For more details email naomi@zeal.nz

Upcoming events

Zeal - The Home Of Young Creatives In Hamilton

Zeal Hamilton

CBD Youth Award - CBD Awards 2017 
Social Enterprise Award (Runner Up) - CBD Awards 2017
30 Under 30 Recipient - Hamilton City Council Award 2017

Zeal Hamilton is a youth center in the heart of the CBD. As well as a dedicated venue space, we also have a recording studio, screenprinting press, barista machine / cafe area and a lot of stairs.

9 Ward Lane, Hamilton CBD

Lehi Duncan - General Manager

Miguel Raman - External Bookings / Youth Worker

Mandy Huser - Youth Development Coordinator

Josh Vossen - Street Youth Work Manager

Hayley Davies - MATES Coordinator

Jared Ipsen - National Communications Coordinator


  • Afternoon hangs
    Come hang! Everyone’s welcome. We have gaming consoles, wifi and a bunch of amazing people to meet. Tuesday to Friday, 3:30 - 5:30. Free. hams@zeal.nz
  • Event management
    Learn to craft and run events that pump! From acoustic shows to hardcore and everything in between.Sign up here.
  • Live sound
    Develop practical skills in studio live sound with real hands on experience. Sign up here.
  • Rehearsal rooms
    Get gig ready or just jam! Backline and vocal PA provided. Air conditioned rooms too! Enquire about a room here.
  • Multimedia
    Move beyond auto mode! Learn to capture stunning images, make videos and put together web content. Sign up here.
  • Recording
    Learn to record your own music in our purpose built studios. Sign up here.
  • Barista
    Learn the art of crafting the perfect cup of espresso coffee. Sign up here.
  • Street youth work
    Street Youth Work sees a team of youth workers take to the streets of the Hamilton CBD and facilitate strength-based and supportive approaches to young people by creating positive activities and safe spaces for them to involve with. For any information contact joshvossen@zeal.nz
  • Illustration
    Turn the doodles in your book to a polished art piece with our industry standard tutors. Sign up here.
  • Spoken word
    Learn how to take your poetry to the stage. Sign up here.


Our venue is available for hire for gigs, church events, corporate events, dance rehearsals and anything else you can think of. If you're interested, fill out our booking form at zeal.nz/hirezealhamilton.

Upcoming events



Blog posts

Jazz jams blow crowd away at Zeal Welly's first gig

Zeal Wellington had their first show in their new venue this October, with young musicians jumping up and having a crack at the world's smoothest genre.

Meet the family: Jenna Harris, Wellington General Manager

"If you want a 9-5 job, this isn't for you, but living a life in the service of others is the most fulfilling thing you will ever do."

Upcoming events

Zeal Hawke's Bay



  • Dance
  • Event management
  • Holiday hangs

Upcoming events

Zeal Kāpiti

130 Rimu Road
(new facility coming 2017)


  • Barista
    Barista training coming in 2016. Keep an eye

Upcoming events

Zeal Event Box


The Zeal Event Box is here! A kitted-out truck with state of the art sound and lighting equipment, travelling all over Aotearoa to provide events, hang outs and training in production and event management.

Visit the Zeal Event Box website


  • Event management
  • Audio engineering
  • Lighting engineering

Upcoming events






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