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Are you a young person in Hamilton wanting to learn creative skills in 2019?

If you’re a young person in Hamilton keen to get after your passions but are unsure where to start, check out our creative Programmes for Term 1, 2019! Over 5-10 weeks, a tutor will take you on a creative journey with access to resources and other keen young people alongside you. Every Programme works towards a final exhibition or showcase with your Zeal whanau and the greater community. Check out the details below and if keen, flick me an email (mandy@zeal.nz) or sign up online here!


Low down: Tuesdays 5.00-7.00pm, starting 5 February.  
10 weeks, $100 total.

Our photography students from Term 3 wrapped up a 10 week creative journey together at an exhibition night, ATARAXIA, where they were able to showcase their work with their whanau and the greater community. Our tutor, Ash, is a professional wedding photographer, who also has a passion for night photography. She loves to talk about different artists and help you find your style. She teaches you the basics, and then helps you get after whatever genre of photography you’re into (portrait, landscape, street, night, event photography, etc). You’ll have access to DSLR cameras that you can hire for free, Mac computers, and Adobe Lightroom. When you complete the programme, you can always come to Zeal to borrow a camera or use the software to keep cultivating your creativity! 

Event Management

Low down: Tuesdays from 4.30-6pm, starting 5 February. 
7 Weeks, FREE.

Discuss your dreams, ideas and passions about an event together with other creative misfits that share the stoke, alongside an industry standard tutor, Bron! In Term 4, Bron guided 10 young people to suss an inclusive, affordable ball at Zeal – all from the dream of a young person wanting to put on a mean ball but needing support. Come in with an idea, have heaps of young people alongside you, gain the skills and knowledge to get after it, and watch your event come alive at Zeal! You’ll gain skills in budgeting, following schedules, working under pressure and health and safety. Most importantly, you’ll gain leadership and teamwork skills needed to feel empowered and put on an event together. 


Low down: Thursdays from 4-5pm, starting 7 February. 
10 weeks, $50. 

Get into the growing and passionate coffee culture in Hamilton! In a mock-cafe setting, develop the passion, confidence, and techniques to make a beautiful espresso coffee with an industry standard tutor, Lorne. In Term 3, Lorne guided 5 young people from a place of digging coffee and being keen on Barista work but having no idea how to do it, to seamlessly taking a customer’s order and producing an espresso coffee with beautiful latte art. In a relaxed environment, you’ll prepare to work in a cafe with skills in grinding beans, espresso, frothing milk and making those cool designs baristas do. Gain real experience for your CV in our affordable, inclusive classes for young people! Coffee culture in Hamilton is always growing, and heaps of the young people that graduated from this Programme in the past now work in the industry.

For those of you keen in Term 2… 

Barista, Photography, and Event Management are running again, AND, we’re currently sussing a Recording/Songwriting programme, Live Sound Engineering will be back in action, and our new programme Screenprinting will be running for the first time! Check out those details below. Yeww!

Live Sound Engineering

Low down: Date and time TBD. 
7 Weeks, $70. 

Learn what it takes – the confidence, problem solving skills, and the ability to plan for failure  – to get amongst live sound at events, with constant opportunities at epic shows at Zeal to practice your new skills! Live Sound is one of the coolest, weirdest, most confusing but most rewarding Programmes we offer. With his classic Kiwi sarcasm, our tutor Josh walks you through all of the things you need to know with cords and speakers and stuff – and then you try it out, and it probably doesn’t work, but then you try again and it sounds nice. You’ll learn to set up and run a live show with top of the line equipment in one of our venues across New Zealand in a relaxed, inclusive environment. We have events happening at Zeal almost every weekend, so once you finish this Programme, we’ll most likely hit you up to help us run the sound. Constant practice, amazing people, and rad real-life experience – what else can you ask for? 


Low down: Thursdays 4.00-6.00pm (Subject to change).
10 weeks, $100 total. 

Explore the world of Silk Screen Printing with Logan Dinning, the man behind our Social Enterprise, Ward Lane Print Co. Learn the ins and outs – from exposing and cleaning, to printing and drying. Gain the skills and confidence needed to get after your own clothing label or illustrate and produce your own print based art!


Low down: TBD

We’re so stoked to offer you a programme and space to write and record your own music in our Recording Studio here at Zeal Hams with an incredible tutor! Details are TBD, but if you are interested in getting after this once it’s up and running, contact us! 

If you’re keen and/or want to know more about any of the Programmes, stop by Zeal Hamilton (9 Ward Lane) and yarn to me – I’ll show you around, introduce you to other young people, and help you get after it!