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We are Zeal, and our mission is to positively impact every young New Zealander through creativity. We do this at our youth centres in Aotearoa through afterschool hangouts, events, creative programmes, workshops, online crisis intervention and more. Donate today.

Latest blog posts

Zeal announces new CEO

"I'm humbled at the opportunity to be part of a legacy of building authentic, meaningful connections with young people through creativity,” Jesse said.

Zeal opens $1M youth development centre in Kāpiti

“Zeal is the only all ages venue on the coast, dedicated to giving young people a space to perform and show their talents."

Youth voices and vibes at Zeal West this June

We took five young people and two volunteers with us to Youth Voice Camp, focused on unleashing your inner leader.

Why do you dress so badly? Ethical fashion with Zeal

Students put together a night aimed at finding out where our clothes really come from.

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