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Zeal 2023 Survey: Insights from 354 rangatahi

To assess our impact and seek improvements we asked young people about their experience at Zeal. We’re proud to share 354 young people participated in the survey making this year the biggest one yet.

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To see what rangatahi said about Zeal, navigating mental health, the changes they want to see and more, download the full report.

95% of young people say Zeal has had a positive impact on them


of young people feel supported and cared for at Zeal


of young people say Zeal helped them find or connect with other places of support or good advice


of young people feel they can approach staff if they have a problem

Learn what young people say are the biggest challenges they face and how they want Aotearoa to change

Quotes from rangatahi about Zeal’s support

Doesn't matter what part of your journey you’re at, the staff are always willing to help out with your steps moving forward.”

I have anxiety so I always go and sit by myself for no reason and the Zeal staff and other youth always come over and make sure I’m included or are just there to listen.”

They’re like my family, it's just a natural feeling, as soon as you walk through the door you’re at home and everything is positive.”

Because I know that whatever mood I can come to Zeal and they will check in with me and make sure I'm leaving better than I felt before.”

Top themes from "Zeal has had a positive impact on me"

How would you describe Zeal?

A place where regardless of where you have walked in life previously, you will belong.”

A safe place for people to go to and learn and meet new people and learn new things and in general just an amazing and fun environment to be around.”

Zeal is an inviting beacon to youth in the local area, offering support and hope.”

Zeal feels familiar, Zeal is a safe haven.”

A really nice, supportive group of people in one comfortable and open space. Zeal makes interacting with other people easy.”


My safe space, home away from home.”

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