Our centres are closed but our youth work continues

While our country locks down in response to COVID-19, our young people need us more than ever.

Pancake tosses and a new home base for Zeal Taranaki

Community events have been the name of the game for Zeal Taranaki this February 2020.

A grandmother can't stop talking about this

Who doesn't love a street BBQ? Also you don't want to miss Jessica's story.

Kāpiti sure loves its coffee

We launched barista courses and they've taken off here at Zeal Kāpiti.

Zeal Hamilton plays host to Antique Pop-Up Shop

Over 500 people came through this collaboration with Thrift’d Streetware in February 2020!

Zeal Taranaki has a new home

Zeal Taranaki is moving into New Plymouth's CBD!

Coffee changed this young person's life - a judge agrees

A life turned around and Christmas celebrations at Zeal Wellington.

10 months later and we're still not over it

From opening our youth centre to a rapper's life changed - it's been a great year in Taranaki.

Kāpiti's game-changing addition

Between meeting some amazing Year 8s, a new trailer and a Good Story - 2019 is ending well for Kāpiti!

An Oscar-worthy graduation at Zeal Hamilton

Zeal Hamilton wraps up their year with a concert and Oscar Awards ceremony.






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