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ANZ is proud to be supporting Zeal Kāpiti Barista Programme

Late last year, Zeal was successful in receiving funding from ANZ Staff Foundation to extend Zeal Kapiti’s barista programme. This programme empowers young people to acquire valuable skills in barista training, supporting them in their future employment. It also facilitates a deeper and more meaningful connection between youth workers and the young people involved.  As youth workers we see many young people struggling to find their feet after dropping out of school, unable to find jobs because of the lack of opportunities. Zeal’s range of skill development and work-readiness programmes provide young people with the necessary training, mentoring and support to thrive in a work environment. 

Thanks to ANZ Staff Foundation's support, Zeal Kāpiti has been able to extend opportunities to a greater number of young people.

Running the barista programme here at Zeal Kāpiti provides young people with real-world skills that increase confidence and self-worth while giving them a greater chance of employment. Receiving funding from organisations like ANZ is amazing and means we can continue to provide this important course for our local young people.

Read what rangatahi at Zeal Kāpiti have to say.

"The barista programme really helped me outside of the course, I got a bit interested in hospitality and ended up going to PIHMS which is the Pacific International Hotel Management School. The course did grow my confidence in speaking to customers too. At the time I remember Sean always telling me to talk to the customers and just ask questions about them or their day. Which I now always remind myself to do in my job today as a barista." - Lewis Stewart
“I enjoyed the barista course because I got to learn how to use a commercial coffee machine properly and I got taught why some coffee shots taste better than others and how to fix extraction issues. The course helped my confidence in finding jobs because it was something new I could add to my CV and it helped me get a job in a local café." - Lexi Jefferies
“We think it is important for Kāpiti as it benefits and empowers young people, and gives them the ability and opportunity to make and create delicious drinks that can be enjoyed by everyone, all within a positive and supportive learning space.” - Nico Rennison and Angus Edwards
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Thank you to ANZ staff foundation.

A huge thank you to the ANZ staff foundation for your support. Because of support like this, we are able to deliver higher-quality programming and support for young people. 

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