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Zeal Survey 2022 – Find out what young people say about Zeal

To measure impact and improve, we asked 221 young people to share their experience of Zeal, their challenges and aspirations in our Annual Zeal Survey. Our survey covers activities at Zeal to mental health and the effects of COVID-19 restrictions. Check out some of the highlights for 2022 below. 

The report shows

  • How rangatahi at Zeal describe their experience, and why they come back
  • What they think of Zeal staff and the support they get
  • The most common ways they get involved in our community
  • How they are navigating mental health and COVID-19 lockdowns
  • What they want to see out of future lockdown support

91% of young people say Zeal has had a positive impact on them


of young people feel supported and cared for at Zeal


of young people say Zeal helped them find or connect with other places of support or good advice


of young people feel they can approach staff if they have a problem

Want to read more?

To see what rangatahi said about Zeal, navigating mental health, COVID-19 restrictions and more, download the full report.

How would you describe Zeal?

Zeal is my home my whānau seki gansta skux inspiring swag my sanctuary

I chose 10 because they are all really nice & take interest in my life like my hobbies ect & they are always done for a chat! They always ask how you are and ask about your life ect. They are really enthusiastic so i feel that they actually do care"

Since going to zeal, it makes me realize many things like how to be inclusive and accepting to others, my comfort zone is more open"

I feel like it has improved my mental health and stopped me from making a few dumb decisions"

Gives youth the opportunity to grow before tackling the harsh environments that they have to go through. Making sure everyone is safe when entering, giving youth hope in their life"

What made you feel you could approach Zeal staff?

Zeal staff are kind open consistent trusting give good advice  aren't judgement 

Zeal staff always check in on me and my mates and ask us if we’re ok, and they hangout with us in different activities.

Zeal staff are extremely kind and fun to hang out with, the basketballs awesome too

Zeal staff are great because I tell them all my drama and they never turned me away

I feel i can approach staff with my problems because they would sit and listen or help me when i need it most.

Do you ever feel stressed or anxious?

Top themes from "Zeal has had a positive impact on me"

Quotes from young people

"I've made so many new friends through zeal and being a zeal makes me realise that there are communities out there that can really have a positive impact on your life."
"Zeal has been here for me through tough times and growing pains, for ages and even now it has been my safe place and home away from home. I think the positive support and friends I have made while being at Zeal has made me not only who I am today but better overall."
"Despite how busy they are and how short the afternoon hangs can feel, I know that if I need to get something off my chest in the moment then I can go to the mentors for support or just for a good chat and laugh."
"The people, it's all about the people for me, originally I was nervous, worried about coming to Zeal but when I saw how many friendly faces were there I felt so at home. From the staff to the other students, it's such a supportive, friendly and relaxing place to be where i know I'm safe and have the mental and physical encouragement and support from staff who genuinely care for me. The atmosphere is just amazing, keeps me coming to be honest too."
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Want to read more?

To see what rangatahi said about Zeal, navigating mental health, COVID-19 restrictions and more, download the full report.