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Celebrating a young persons milestone and achievements through dance

Luca first came to Zeal when her K-pop group hired the Zeal Hamilton space for rehearsals. Despite her initial shyness and reserve, Luca found the courage to start coming along to our afternoon hangs programme. As we spent more time mentoring and building relationships with her, we witnessed Luca’s confidence blossom and grow.

When Zeal Hamilton introduced K-pop programmes in schools, we encouraged Luca to seize the opportunity to assist in facilitating and teaching classes. As Luca’s confidence in her abilities grew and her sense of ownership developed, she eventually assumed the role of K-pop tutor. Luca’s achievement marked a significant milestone. It was truly inspiring to witness her express herself authentically in front of others.

Interview with Luca

Can you describe your time at Zeal?

Zeal has not only helped me gain confidence but also helped me find a safe place where I could be myself. Zeal staff taught me many ways to communicate and share my passions to others through teaching, but that also caused me to make good friends. Whenever I was going through a hard time, I knew I could go to Zeal to help me. They would always guide me through any problems and still to this day make me feel welcome to stop by and greet them. Because of Zeal I feel like I have grown and become a more confident person."

What do you enjoy about teaching K-pop?

Teaching K-pop choreographies makes me so happy. I feel honoured getting to help people discover a new style and culture. Every K-pop choreography is unique. It’s an open style, meaning no two dances are ever the same. It can sometimes be a powerful dance, or another dance may incorporate delicacy. Anyone can find their suitable style in K-pop dance because of the large range of dance styles inside of the genre itself. While teaching K-pop I love watching people discover their own style and that’s why I think K-pop is so special compared to other genres."

What does your future in dance look like?

My goal is to be able to have my own studio to continue to teach others about dance. I would love to help others discover their own styles and create a safe community where people can express themselves. I’m currently working super hard to achieve this goal. I’m so glad Zeal has been there to help me learn how to be a good teacher and give me more experience for the future."

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