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Thats a wrap for 2023! Let’s celebrate the year together

On behalf of our Zeal team, we want to celebrate and thank you for helping to make 2023 an epic year!This has been one of Zeal’s biggest years of impact.  Whether you helped to fund our programmes, attended Zeal yourself or supported as a parent, teacher or friend, we thank you for making 2023 one to remember.

Some of our highlights from the year

A story of inspiration

Six years ago, 13 year old Jane first came to Zeal West through our photography programme. She was struggling in school, dealing with self-harm and was surrounded by negative influences. Over time, Jane slowly started engaging in Afternoon Hangs, where she would build strong connections with the youth workers of Zeal West at the time. With the support of the youth team, she found comfort in sharing her journey and what difficulties she had been facing. From this, we were able to guide her through different services and conversations to remove the things that negatively impacted her and help build her growth. Jane very quickly became a core young person in our centre. She participated in our Level Up programme, where she learnt barista, sound and lighting and many other leadership skills. She even went on to teach our photography programme and host her own gallery night. Jane’s inspiring story is the epitome of what we do here at Zeal West. She’s journeyed with our team and continues to give back to our centre through acts of service. We are very proud of Jane and her growth.

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