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Zeal is a not-for-profit youth organisation dedicated to the transformation of young people’s lives in Aotearoa. Every $10 you give creates a transformative opportunity for a young person!

Our focus for 2021

Deliver 15,000 healthy meaningful interactions with young people through our creative/care programmes

Deliver high quality creative programmes across our centres

Develop and deliver innovative, digital youth care solutions, designed to increase our reach

Provide safe spaces for young people to explore themes of identity, belonging and connection

Zeal helped me grow from a young person to an adult. Helping me learn and grow as a person

Hannah, 20

Zeal makes me feel supported, loved, validated, comfortable and no matter what kind of feeling you are experiencing at that moment, there will always be someone to be there for you through it

Erika, 14

Zeal to me is definitely a second home, it's a place where everyone is welcome and where we can all get along and be ourselves in a really safe environment

Molly, 15

Zeal is a place where everyone can have some time away from their stressful life

Anonymous rangatahi

The best place to hangout for youth to get away from any drama or problems they may be dealing with

Anonymous rangatahi

They are all so kind and caring whilst still feeling relatable. They are easy to talk to and vibe with. Making it easy to feel included and welcome

Anonymous rangatahi

They always show that they are supportive and non-judgmental, and come to talk to us when we're at Zeal

Anonymous rangatahi

I have changed because when I am upset instead of feeling alone I know I have a supportive community behind me, unlike before when I just felt purely alone

Anonymous rangatahi

The atmosphere is so cool there are plenty of opportunities and things to do so you won’t be bored

Anonymous rangatahi

I have grown more confident in an array of different abilities, such as graphic design. Also, I have gained confidence in attempting and taking part in things I hadn't had the chance to do before

Anonymous rangatahi

I used to struggle with my ADHD and anger and trust issues but I no longer have this problem and I’m generally a happier person

Anonymous rangatahi

2020/21 a year in review


Drop-ins to Zeal hangs and informal activities


Visits to Zeal’s events


Street youth work engagements




Connections to other places of support


Attendance at Zeal’s creative programmes


Attendance at youth co-design workshops


New young people to Zeal

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