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Close to 800 Hawke’s Bay young people head out for annual Paint Party

In March, the Zeal crew ran their annual Paint Party, with close to 800 young people braving the rain to enjoy the best local DJs Hawke’s Bay had to offer.

The evening saw young people from all around the region dancing in the rain, having a night that they will remember forever in a drug, alcohol and smoke free environment. 
“We had an epic night,” says Event Manager Grace Blummonnt. “Through our work at Zeal, we will continue to try to change the culture of partying without alcohol.” 

Over 30 youth volunteers coordinated the whole event, handling the sound and lighting for the night and gaining real world experience in running an event. They even manned the paint guns!

At Zeal, we’re committed to providing safe, drug and alcohol free events for young people. We’ve even put together a guide on how to run these events called Good Vibes, in conjunction with Health Promotion Agency. Feel free to check it out over at zeal.nz/goodvibes, and if you’re a young person that’s keen to get involved in our events, sign up for one of our creative Programmes.