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NZ youth charity Zeal announces new General Manager

Following our exciting new Online Crisis Intervention (OCI) partnership with Vodafone Foundation, the start of 2019 saw Zeal’s General Manager, Elliot Taylor, shift from his role as General Manager to heading up OCI as it moves forward.

During the last few months, David Orchard (Dooley) has been covering the General Manager duties, in addition to managing Zeal Kapiti. Dooley’s passion for young people and staff development has shone through during this time, and so after he applied for the permanent position, he was selected as the successful candidate for the role.  

“I’ve stepped in to this role to help bring on the ground experience to the leadership team within Zeal, and shape the future delivery of exceptional youth development across New Zealand,” says Dooley. “At Zeal, our vision is for every young person to live full lives of meaning and purpose, and our vision is to get transforming creative and innovative experiences to vulnerable young people. I’m excited to be a part of this as we move in to a new season for Zeal.”

Dooley’s shift to the General Manager role is immediate, however he will be overseeing the transition of a new manager into the Kāpiti role, and also have a strong hand in direction over this next season to ensure Zeal continues to deliver on our promises.

In his new role, Dooley will continue to be based in Kāpiti, while overseeing all Zeal centres across the North Island and providing the support needed for local managers to develop and grow their teams. He will also oversee any major projects within Zeal.

If you (or someone you know) would be perfect for leading the Zeal Kāpiti team forward as their manager, apply now!