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Programmes are pumping in 2022 | Term 1 Highlights

2022 Zeal Programmes have started strong with massive growth in members and in vibes! We’re bringing you a recap from term 1 so you can see what went down. 

Term one programmes brought


Total participants


Total sessions


Total attendances

99% rated their experience positively


90% would recommend their programme to friends


99% said they were likely to use the skills they learnt



Zeal Hamilton kicked off the year with a successful term of programmes including in-school programmes and after school programmes located at Zeal. Even though there has been Covid challenges causing some programmes to extend into term 2, Zeal has continued to provide top quality programmes to young people. 

In-school Programmes

In-school programmes have included Theatre, Hip Hop and Beat Production at Te Kura o te Kaokaoroa o Patetere, and Hip Hop and Kpop at Ngā Taiātea Wharekura. Next term we will be running Barista, Theatre, Photography, Beats Production, Kpop and Hip Hop. This term’s K-pop has welcomed Taylor Koopu as the tutor. Taylor was a previous young person at Zeal Hamilton and has now taken lead in providing a platform for other dancers to connect, grow and gain a name for themselves as epic dancers. 

After school Programmes

Our after school programmes including Photography, Singing and Barista have been a whole lot of fun this term. At the end of the term, Hamilton Zeal had a graduation for Barista students and made a mock cafe for students to show off their new skills. Youth worker Aram played the acoustic guitar as students assigned their own roles throughout the night which included serving their families and friends. Staff were able to meet the students  parents to connect, celebrate and reflect on their time at Zeal.

Hearing from the young people first hand that they enjoyed the programme and they want to come back for other programmes and also chill at Zeal is a total success. When this happens, we know we did our job well, because it’s not just about making coffee but a space where young people feel welcomed back to and where they can invite their friends.”

This is why I do what I do. I’m so proud of Taylor as she gets to share her skills with other young people. I have enjoyed all programmes but especially our Theatre workshops with Te Kura o te Kaokaoroa o Patetere. The rangatahi who are part of this group are so invested and passionate. They’ve come together and tautoko each other even beyond my guidance.”


Young people came through programmes ready to learn and challenge themselves. Zeal Wellington programmes started term 1 with Ākonga Barista, Hip Hop, Beat Making and the Power of Words. Overall 30 students participated in programmes during term 1 and it was a whole lot of fun 

 Term 2 we will be running programmes in Event Management, Live Sound, Photography, Dance and Ākonga Barista.

And this year Zeal Wellington is excited to  collaborate with more alternative education providers within Wellington. 


“At this point, the Ākonga Barista students are basically running Stories (Zeal’s social enterprise café) lol. This group has been extra special; they’ve excelled, shown up and worked hard. At the start of the programme each young person picks what they want to achieve over the term, whether that’s writing a CV or getting a job. Our role is to make sure we focus on that as we support them to achieve their goals. We're really proud as most of this term’s students have now been employed and found work elsewhere.”


After a successful 2021, Zeal Kāpiti started off term 1 with our Ākonga Barista programme, Hip Hop classes in Otaki and an after school Barista programme. Highlights this term were the Ākonga students who came back after their course and volunteered at Zeal Kapiti’s afternoon hangs, serving hot chocolates, and the increase in numbers of attendees, specifically in the junior dance classes. They have formed a bond with each other and each student has made great friends.


Lastly, the seniors in dance have taken on more of a mature role, adapting their skills in dance and working on performance techniques.

Term 2 will include a Gateway Barista programme at Kāpiti College, Photography, Film, Live Sound and the continuation of the Ākonga Barista programme. With Covid levels changing, at the end of term 2 we hope to put on a photography showcase that will be open to family and friends to attend.

Our end of term class was so incredibly fun-filled and wholesome. Both junior and senior classes came together and had a shared afternoon tea, an easter egg hunt and Disney karaoke. Each student had the biggest smile on their face! It was the best feeling for me personally seeing that at the end of the day, we're building strong relationships with these students and making great memories, all within a safe space."


Zeal Taranaki kicked off term 1 programmes with Mahi Toa, Barista and Hip Hop – a strong and exciting start to 2022. 


We also introduced a new guitar programme delivered through google classroom. These online lessons were a total win for Taranaki as young people could access online lessons and progress at any time and anywhere they have internet access. 

Barista is incredible, super fun and accepting. I love learning new techniques with everyone and I cant wait to do it for the rest of the year

The biggest highlight has been our Barista programme. Every session has seen a full group of young people keen to learn including mixed levels from newbies to experienced. It’s been so cool to see the more experienced young people buddy up and help teach other young people. I’ve loved seeing them work together as a group, problem solve and show off their skills.”

West Auckland

After the challenges of 2021 lockdowns, Zeal West has overcome and started 2022 programmes stronger and better than ever.

In-school Programmes

Term 1 kicked off with in-school programmes including Hip Hop at St Dominic’s Girl’s Catholic College, West Auckland Middle School, Massey High School, Kelston Boys, Henderson Intermediate and Bruce McLaren School. Zeal West youth worker Kim also had the opportunity to support the Waitākere College Hip Hop crew. 

After school Programmes

Term 1 after school programmes also began with Hip Hop classes (Primary, Intermediate and Teen) and Music lessons including Vocals, Drums and Keys. 

Term 2 isn’t slowing down either! In-school programmes will continue with Hip Hop, Vocals and Folauga (designed to support young people transitioning into year 9). After school programmes will increase and include Hip Hop, Drums, Keys, Vocals, Guitar, Beat Production, Song Writing, Photography and Barista.

A special highlight for me was seeing the young people from Waitākere College start their own crew. Youth worker Kim supported their Hip Hop crew to grow and excel more in their skills. Programmes are such a great opportunity to do more youth work and this term has been a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what doors can be open for future programmes with schools.”

We’ve had a lot of Covid challenges that have been somewhat disruptive, however, we’re very thankful for how amazing and graceful parents have been. I'm proud that throughout the challenges we’ve maintained positive support for students which has included delivering food parcels. Overall watching the young people start the programme a little shy and then watching them quickly move away from their parents, jump into the programme and become excited has been a massive highlight.”

Zeal Digital

Term 1 kicked off the first of many tech clubs.
 We’ve been so blessed to meet with 26 young people each week during term one, sharing our knowledge of fixing computers, how that can help us grow, learn and connect with our identity and how it protects our environment.

As an end of programme celebration, each of them takes home a computer they’ve fixed to learn and explore the possibilities of the digital world. We’re so lucky to have the support of AskQ and our very own Zhan from Zeal West for facilitating these workshops

Our big highlight was seeing tuakana-teina learning in practice - young people sharing their skills and helping others to fix their laptop. I'm looking forward to kicking off this mahi with another school in term 2! Watch this space... If you think you can help by donating devices to be fixed and taken home by young learners, please hit us up!"

Special thank you

To those who have supported Zeal programmes during term 1, including , teachers, parents, youth workers, our funders and of course young people who attended.

Want to get amongst?

If you are keen to get involved, or know someone who would benefit from these programmes, hit us up below