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We survived: Zeal Wellington’s great North Island road trip

At the start of June, the Zeal Welly crew packed in to a van for a roadtrip across the North Island – and we still haven’t been able to get the smell out.

Starting off in Wellington, 4 Zeal Wellington staff and 11 young people headed up the North Island to visit the other Zeal centers in the country. Stopping off (of course) in Taupō for some bombs in the freezing cold water, the crew drove up to Hamilton, and didn’t accidentally get locked in the building or anything. 
In Auckland, the crew let some fireworks off at the beach and crashed at Zeal West before heading back to Taupō – opting for the hot pools this time, having learnt their lesson about swimming outside in the winter.
“My favourite part was definitely jumping off Bulli Point,” one of our young people said. “I overcame my fear of open water with family-like people around me! I will always remember having an all-nighter at Zeal West and spending time with new people.”
“Driving in the vans and getting to hang out with everyone was awesome. I didn’t know everyone that well, and it was great to get to know them better. I loved every part of it. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
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