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Zeal Hamilton 2017 pathways starting soon! Sign up now.

The Zeal Familton (Hamilton + family, get it) crew has been working hard to bring you new and exciting pathways this year!

We run a bunch of afternoon programmes for creative youth so check out what’s on offer in 2017 and sign up here

1. Multimedia

This year we’re expanding our photography class to include videography and web design! Jump on this fifteen-week course and be taught by industry standard professionals how to take great photos, put together amazing videos, and make your own website. Perfect for anyone who wants a crash course in the online arts to launch your own brand/band/whatever else you’re working on.

2. Barista

Pour shots with the best of them with our trained baristas! Learn how to make everything from the perfect flat white to those cool little fern designs they do. We also have opportunities to get real, hands-on experience at our events that you can chuck on your CV!

3. Live sound

Our professionally trained, industry-standard sound guy will show you how to set up a gig from scratch with all of our world-class gear! Get that mix sounding amazing during our afternoon classes and man the desk for one of our regularly booked events.

4. Illustration

Do you like to doodle in your books in class? Dream of becoming the next young insta-famous artist? Our talented tutors can take you through the whole process from refining your ideas, putting them down on paper to polishing them up and unleashing your first masterpiece.


5. Event management

Fancy yourself a bit of an event planner? Anything you can dream, we can do – acoustic nights, hardcore shows, full-on raves, even disco nights complete with that spinning mirror ball thing! Our tutors have been at it for years and have all the knowledge you need to pull off killer nights for you and your mates.

6. Recording

A new addition for 2017! Our studios are up and running and ready to record! If you’re in a band that’s keen to get a few demos done or just have a keen ear for a decent mix, come and learn how to turn that great idea into an absolute tune. 
More info on our screenprinting, beat making, spoken word and mural classes is coming soon.
Our pathways only cost $4 a lesson. So what are you waiting for? 

Sign up now!

For more info flick an email to our pathways co-ordinator Catherine.