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Zeal Kāpiti on the grind for 2019 in Great Skate competition

What a whirlwind! 2019 started off well here in Kāpiti, with Kara and Sean stepping into youth work roles here.
Following on from our Hui, the Kāpiti team hit the ground running with our afternoon hang space opening and supporting some key local events.

The Waikanae Lions are one of our key partners here, and Zeal are able to support their annual Garden Trail, a fundraising event that supports both Zeal and other organisations in the community.
With a young performers stage in one garden, and our coffee cart run by young baristas in another, it was a great chance to show off a little and talk with the crowds of people coming through.

Waitangi day saw a small team of us at Queen Elizabeth Park, supporting the event there with sound and a Zeal stall.
Though it was a great time, the weather definitely did not behave and gazebos became kites in the gusty wind!

In amongst our work here, we have developed a keen team who help with all things technical at events. We had two great opportunities locally recently with the Books at the Beach event, and our own Great Skate event.
A local songwriters and poets Zeal stage at Books at the Beach proved a great hit with young and old alike, and really added atmosphere to a great event run by the Beach Business Association.

Devon Welch, our star event manager here, recently finished another event management course with a group of 6 young people. This culminated in the Great Skate, an event at Maclean Park involving a skate, scooter and BMX competition, live DJ (Thanks again DJ Hershey!!), and over $1,500 in prizes sponsored by local businesses.

With over 400 young people turning out to the event, and some amazing talent on display, the event was a huge success and a celebration of what young people can achieve!