Learn Competitive Gaming

Dive into the fast-paced realm of competitive video gaming, level up your gaming knowledge and discover the action-packed world of eSports.

Explore popular eSports titles, the skills required to succeed and the professional opportunities that await.

Learn alongside like minded young people and have supportive tutors who encourage your passion.

Game through the lens of what it’s like being a professional gamer and work towards creating your own team for an eSport tournament.

Doesn't matter what part of your journey your at, the staff are always willing to help out with your steps moving forward

What's covered in our training

  • Learn how to be strategic and problem-solve using video games
  • Critical Thinking while working in a team
  • Learn what it’s like being a professional gamer
  • Gain graphic design skills including learning video animation
  • Create an engaging live stream 
  • Learn your way around Adobe 
  • Laptop refurbishment
  • We have Gaming PCs, Headsets and PlayStations. However, students can bring their own controllers if they wish.

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