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10 awesome things happening in the next 10 years

1. We will have robots. And they will be made out of onion.

Andy Sandberg WHAT?!

No lie. Scientists have been building robots for years, but have struggled to replicate muscle tissue to give the robots smooth, controlled movement. It turns out, onions might be the answer. Onion fibres are similar enough to human muscle tissue that robots made from onion could be a very real possibility.

2. We will land our first human settlers on Mars.

 Kitten Rovervia GIPHY

Within the next ten years, we will be colonizing other planets. Read that again. How is this a thing? Scrap Mykonos, I’m going Mars for a holiday!

3. You will never have to wait in line at the grocery store again.

Engineers are developing what they call a ‘frictionless checkout’. That means no more waiting in line. Once you’re done shopping you just walk straight out of the store and the payment is handled automatically. Finally you can buy that guilty pleasure box set without having to look the cashier in the eye!

4. Planes will fly on fungus.

Recently scientists have made jet fuel out of fungus found on rotten leaves, soil, and fruit! Not only is this extremely cool, but it may eventually make air travel a lot cheaper. Which is great for those of us who want to go everywhere.

5. The paralyzed will walk again. But only if they’re really rich. 

I was never sure exactly what ‘biomedical engineer’ means, but apparently it means ‘literal wizard’. They’ve now come up with a machine that lets the brain say ‘yeah nah’ to the spinal cord, and instead sends messages directly to the legs. How? We have no idea. But it will cost an arm and a leg.

6. We’re getting the Woolly Mammoth back.

Remember when extinction was like, “No more woolly mammoth for you”? And we were all like “awww”? Well, it turns out they forgot to say “no backsies”. Just takes some DNA from a woolly mammoth, splice it into an embryo of an elephant and voilà, woolly mammoth.

7. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3

Yes times a thousand. What a time to be alive.

8. Your car will have WiFi

To be fair, this is actually already a thing in some cars. But it will take less than ten years to catch on everywhere. No more struggling to decide whether a YouTube vid is worth the data on a road trip!

9. A 3D bio-printer will build custom organs cell by cell

This is a big deal. Before, people with damaged or failing organs had to rely on human donors. If scientists develop a printer that can print you a new organ, then maybe one day you’ll be able to fix that broken heart of yours with a quick download and CTRL+P.

10. Your school work will be tailored to you, and grades won’t be a thing anymore.

It looks like all the people saying the school system is too stressful is having some effect. Within ten years we are likely to see three major changes in the way that school works. 

Firstly, you’ll be taught the way that works best for you, with school work tailored to what you want to learn and how you learn best. Secondly, some schools may do away with grades completely. Lastly, they’ll also be chucking out the standardized syllabus. Cause, you know, everyone’s different.

Let’s be real.

Some days can be really, really hard. It might feel like things will always be this way. But these ten awesome future-things prove that things do change. Even when it seems impossible, we keep moving forward. So hold on. The world is changing fast, and its changing into something very, very cool.