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2018 wraps up as summer kicks off for Zeal Kāpiti

In November, the Phat Chats Boys ran a gaming day with $200 in prizes awarded to the winner! With multiple consoles as well as good old fashioned card games, the day was a great success.

Zeal helped out our good friends the Mary Potter Hospice with their annual fundraising event here, the Kāpiti Coast Festival.  A team of 10 young people jumped on board to make the event a huge success.  With a full sound rig and stage management for the day, it was a big job! 

A recent Event Management course led to the creation of Summer Start, an event to kick off the summer with a waterslide, bands, sumo suits, bubble soccer and even a fish and chip truck!  Unfortunately the weather was less than summery on the day, so we went to plan B and moved indoors.  With a massive crew of young people helping out, the event was still a success and such a high moment for the handful of people on the course seeing their hard work pay off.

We also celebrated the end of the year for our Interns, with Sean Blunkell graduating with a Diploma in Youth and Community Studies (Merit).  Our intern team study full time while doing placement hours with Zeal.

Oh, and in the early Christmas spirit, a team of young people gift-wrapped Dooley’s office!