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Hamilton’s acoustic scene in tune with young people’s creativity

Putting on events: a month of running around planning and advertising, a day of running around with various cables and heavy musical gear, and an evening of running around making sure the venue doesn’t fall apart. 

It takes a special individual to be able to pull off a killer show with their sanity still intact. So what better way to test out our newest admin assistant, Jason (19) by asking him to plan an acoustic night? 

Six young musicians from around the Waikato took the stage while a crowd of over 60 drank coffee, foot-tapped and sang along to the sweet tunes. Students from our Photography Programme took some sweet snaps, while the punters were caffinated by students that graduated from the Barista course.

The show was a massive success – “the best acoustic night so far,” said one of the performers.

“I think that music paints feelings and captures memories in a way that words never can,” says Jason. “Some of the best times of my life were from going to concerts with my friends. Whether it’s seeing your favourite band for the first time with thousands of other screaming fans or just cheering for a mate jamming solo on stage at a chill & low-key acoustic show, there’s just something magical about how music brings people together.”

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“The greatest youth work I have seen has been in the time taken day-by-day to listen and learn about the young person in front of us. It has been in the purposeful sharing of lives.”