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Masterpost: The Great Mental Health Experiment YouTube series featuring Your Beth Friend

By Your Beth Friend
Does squeezing ice make you calm? What happens if you get terrible sleep and then try to live your life? What’s the real deal with self talk? 
Here’s the thing: It’s so easy to get caught up in checklists and the ‘ten easy things’ advice columns. But where’s the proof? I’m putting myself through the pains and triumphs of road testing mental health & self care techniques to separate the myths from the truths.
Your guinea pig is here and ready to submerge herself in a bowl of ice water in the name of science and self love. This is The Great Mental Health Experiment!

Episode #1 – Cupcakes

There are loads of things you can do to support your mental health. But the real question we’re all asking… what’s the most delicious way?

Episode #2 – Sleep

I DO NOT recommend this. 0/10 would not try again. Maybe the worst idea I’ve had.

Episode #3 – Distress Tolerance

When you’re freaking out, what can you do that will actually help?

Episode #4 – Animal Therapy

Cute kittens are good for your mental health? Are you sure? Let me test that theory.

Episode #5 – Good Food + Bad Food

Does what we eat really make thaaaat much of a difference? I put it to the test!

Episode #6 – Running

This seemed like a great idea until 0.0005 seconds after I started running.

Episode #7 – The Power Of Positive Spaces

What does it mean to care for your space, and for your space to care for you?

Episode #8 – Gardening

“Rhubarb, what are you doing? I’m not into you like that. Buy me a drink first.”

Episode #9 – Positive Self-Talk

I didn’t think this would affect me so much. Everyone needs to do this. Why’s it so hard to be nice to ourselves?

Episode #10 – Happy Music

I took ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ to a whole new level.