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Meet the family: Logan Dinning, head screenprinter

Logan Dinning joined the Familton team earlier this year, bringing his artistic expertise to our new social enterprise, Ward Lane Print Co. We talked about screenprinting, Dungeons & Dragons and more – read on below!

How did you first get involved with Zeal?

Logan: I first found Zeal in my late teens when I start attending hardcore and punk gigs at Zeal West in Auckland. I found the atmosphere surrounding Zeal to be super welcoming to newcomers and I quickly found fellow young creatives to form new relationships with. 

After finding out about the job at Zeal I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to join the team as it was a perfect environment for my weird and creative self. I have also had a growing interest in the realms of teaching and youth work as I see we are lacking in strong role models and gurus in our growing modern world of technology.

What does your typical day at Zeal look like?

Logan: Being a graphic designer and illustrator, jumping into the role of Head Screenprinter was super exciting for me, as Ward Lane Print Co. is fresh on its feet I am finding it both challenging and rewarding. My weeks as of late have been taken up with equipment and product research, as  I am currently outfitting the workshop to allow for a more proficient process with both client jobs and tutoring. I am also beginning some private tutoring with one of our young people over the Christmas holiday period.

What are some epic moments you’ve had during your time at Zeal so far?

Logan: My time at Zeal so far has been inspirational, seeing the amount of great work everyone at Zeal does to make life better for the young people of our little country is super motivating! Getting to meet everyone at my first Zeal Hui was awesome, and I’m excited to keep working with such an awesome family of people. I have enjoyed working with the Hamilton team, and love how we all seem to find a way to make each others jobs easier or more pleasant.

Over the last month I have been working with a group of young people from a local High School, in order to complete a series of printed hoodies. Seeing my students come in nervous, and leave with a sense of confidence and pride has been super rewarding. With the group selling 20+ hoodies, I would say thats a great early success story for our young and budding print shop.

What’s some advice you would pass on to someone wanting to get a job in a creative industry?

Logan: Bring your A game, and don’t be afraid to share and embrace your unique ideas and flair. Always be ready to improvise and lend a hand to other creative projects around you, but first and foremost, GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

What are the plans for Ward Lane Print Co this year?

Logan: This year we are finishing the Workshop and business set up process (buying/building equipment for the workshop and finalising our business models), looking to begin tutoring programmes early next year (Term 2). We also aim to grow our client base with local businesses and organisations, so that we may start to make an impact in the Waikato, develop a reputation, and nurture our existing business/social enterprise connections.

How did you get in to screenprinting?

Logan: I have always been interested in silk screen printing due to my fascination with alternative music culture, underground fashion and the art that surrounds it. During my studies at Wintec I explored the history of Screenprinting, analysing the import role it has played throughout many times in our human society, such as Emory Douglas’ work in the 60s and 70s. 

What do you do in your spare time?

Logan: My spare time is filled with days spent in front of my computer working on client design work, art pieces for local exhibitions and galleries and drafting my next Dungeons and Dragons session. 

What are your hopes for Zeal going forward?

Logan: Lehi and myself agree that Zeal should NOT exist, but it does. It exists to be what our young kiwis are missing in their lives. It exists to help nurture and grow our communities, so that we may become a creative and strong young country. My hopes is that we see Zeal continue to grow in size and influence so that we may share our creative vision with more young creatives across Aotearoa.

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“Zeal Hamilton is committed to meaningful collaboration with youth organisations throughout the city, joining together to ensure every young Hamiltonian has the opportunity to discover more about themselves and their creative passions,” Lehi says, Zeal Hamilton’s Manager.

“Be honest with young people about your struggle and your mess. They’re constantly learning how they understand the world and themselves, and along this journey they need honesty more than anything.