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Support Suicide Prevention With The #LiveForTomorrow Photo Challenge

Let’s be honest, we all spend way more time on social media than we should. But what if some of that that time could do some good – both for us and for others? 

Enter the #LiveForTomorrow Photo Challenge, a 10 day social media challenge celebrating life in the lead up to World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept 10.

How It Works

Post or save the challenge photo. Follow the prompt each day, and tag it #LiveForTomorrow. Pretty simple really. 

Why It Works

The #LiveForTomorrow Photo Challenge encourages moments of mindfulness – the practice of deliberate, open attention to the present. It’s those moments when you stop to consider a beautiful day, really taste your coffee, or give your full attention to a friend. Mindfulness helps our mental health. Each day’s challenge helps you be mindful and grateful of the good!

Take The Challenge

Mental health is something we all have, but it has so much stigma around it. We need to change that and you can be a part of the change. 

Take the challenge and let’s open up the conversation.