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What Zeal got up to in Levels 3 and 4

We hope you are keeping well as we in Aotearoa awoke to Level 2 yesterday!

As with all of you, the last seven weeks were definitely out of the ordinary and had us all adapting in response to COVID-19. Here’s an update on what it looked like for us at Zeal.

We took to Instagram

Since we were not able to see our young people in-person, our teams (all working from home) adapted our youth work for the online world.

Over the course of seven weeks, Instagram was our go-to. We pumped out photography competitions, music competitions, and trick shot competitions, we set up a Minecraft server, Discord server, hosted live dance classes, online creative programmes, Zoom group hangs, Zoom game nights (lots of Mafia was played!), live interviews with local artists, live Chubby Bunny competitions between our centres, and so much more!

Here are the numbers –



unique accounts reached 



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Looking ahead

We’re looking forward to being back at full capacity at a lower alert level. Until then, we’re committed to continue serving young people by listening deeply. Our teams will remain active online, connecting with and supporting young people through this season.