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Young people thrive in Zeal Wellington photography course.

Over the last couple of years, Central Regional Health School  has visited Zeal Wellington for an afternoon of fun and connection, something that has always been a highlight for the Zeal team. And during term 2, both parties came together to deliver an epic photography course for their students. Here’s what went down.

What went down

Over 8 weeks, students had an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to take photos, while expressing their creativity through the camera lens. Students learnt how to take high-quality photos and technical photography skills to develop their unique styles, this included choosing where they would take photos which includes Wellington Botanical Gardens, Cuba street and the Wellington waterfront. 

Zeal youth workers were also able to go beyond photography and journey through some of the tough stuff they might be facing through mentoring. 

Zeal Staff were blown away with students as they grew each week and developed into true photographers. Their abilities to express their authentic selves through the art of photography were magnificent and a privilege to be a part of.


As part of gaining NCEA credits, students we’re required to create and execute an event. They chose to have a showcase to show off their talent and invite their family, friends, tutors and other students. 

At the start of the event young people we’re feeling a little out of their comfort zone, but over time quickly opened up and started interacting with others and confidently showed off their stuff. The exhibition was a total success and celebration of their efforts and creativity over the last few weeks. 

"It takes a village to raise a young person"
"My highlight is the solid team at Zeal Wellington, and the tutors from the Central Regional Health School and the Zeal Wellington team. Both came together and did an amazing job connecting with students beyond photography." - Tava ( Zeal Programme Coordinator)
"We had a mihi whakatau to welcome the Zeal team on their first day with us as they were going to be in our space for 10 weeks. I was so grateful to have that team working with our young people. Their willingness to support all our students' range of needs was greatly appreciated.The young people connected with the Zeal team immediately and a trust was built quickly between all parties." - Erin Moore ( Central Regional Health School )
Highlights for the course were collaboration between students as they worked on their photos, immediate engagement in the course, the sense of autonomy and efficacy they had in themselves during the process, the pride they had when setting up their photos, the gallery/event day when whanau came and viewed the exhibition. - Erin Moore ( Central Regional Health School )
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” It takes a village to raise a young person “

We are beyond thankful for the collaboration with the Central Regional Health School and other alternative education provider Zeal has collaborated with.

We believe we all have a valuable role to play in a young person’s life and when we come together and collaborate in our shared values, we will see real change happen.  We know it can be easy to pull the blinders down and focus on what we’re doing without the support of others, however unfortunately our impact will be minimal and short-lived. 

When we come together we offer each other different pathways of opportunities and support and we can learn from each other and see true transformative experiences happen. 


Special thank you

To those who have supported Zeal programmes, including , teachers, parents, youth workers, our  amazing funders and of course young people who attended.

Want to get amongst?

If you are keen to get involved, or know someone who would benefit from these programmes, hit us up below