Forming a LFT Chapter or just keen to get some initiatives going? There are a bunch of things that you can find here to start conversations, support meetings and to make initiatives great. Check them out by exploring the tabs below!

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Need answers on Chapters? In this tab you’ll find initial Chapters information, recruitment materials and a guide to all things Chapters.

Chapters Guide

This guide holds all of the answers! Check it out if you’re wanting to get the full rundown on Chapters.

Recruitment Posters

Print these out and stick them around your school. Make sure to add a person to get in contact with!

Chapters Timeline Guide

Need a general guide to a year in Chapters? Here’s something you could work from.

Chapter FAQs

You’re bound to have questions about Chapters. You can find the answers here!
Watch the series from start to finish and you should have a pretty good idea of how to get things happening in your school!

#1: How To Get Good Ideas

In this, the first episode of your LFT Chapters video training, we get you from ideas to action.

#2: Mental Health Mythbusting

Let's bust some myths about mental health!

#3: Evaluation

This episode we look at evaluation! Why is it important and how do you do it?

#4: Supporting Your Wellbeing

This episode we look at how to support your wellbeing, and those of others too.

#5: Delivering Your Initiative

It's time to deliver your initiative! Here's a few things to consider before you do so...
We’ve put together a bunch of plans that you can use to get things going. Choose initiatives that will best create change in your school!

Intro Initiative

Welcome Live for Tomorrow Chapters to your school. Here's how!

Chalk Art Day

Have a scribble and cover the grounds in messages of hope! Here's how.

Mental Health Quiz

Competition can be a bit of fun. It's time to test the awareness of students at your school! Here's how.

Helpline Services

Show your school it's ok to reach out for help! Here's how.

Letters of Gratitude

Express gratitude to your friends, classmates and teachers! Here's how.

Mental Health Noticeboard

Create a space in your school that is the home of all things mental health! Here's how.
We do a bunch of choice-as video content too! Use these as inspiration, talking points, or just to bring some energy to your meetings. 


The Great Mental Health Experiment

A video series starring @itsyourbethfriend exploring different techniques to support wellbeing. Two series with supporting resources are available here.


Smashproof - Survivors feat. Pieter T

Winner of Best Video at the Pacific Music Awards 2015. Directed by Chris Graham and filmed at Rosehill Intermediate, featuring school students as actors in a story that details the pain and triumph of the song’s key characters. 



Pieter T - Tomorrow feat. Tyna

Directed by award-winning director Chris Graham, and featuring young people from our parent organisation Zeal sharing their heartfelt stories of struggle and hope. 


Nakita Turner - One Voice

(feat. Dukes, Massad, Restoration & One Voice Youth Choir). 

At 11 she was bullied. At 13 she decided to act. And at 15, we all watched in awe. We supported Nakita Turner in the release of her song “One Voice”, which became so popular online we developed a free discussion resource. 



All My Brothers - Find A Way

(feat. Sid Diamond & Adeaze)

We pulled together a band of kiwi legends, including Francis Kora (Kora), Marcus Powell (Blacklistt), Sid Diamond & Adeaze to produce this song, which encourages young people to focus on their dreams, instead of drinking. 






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