Learn Live Sound Engineering at Zeal

Cheap, inclusive Audio Engineering courses for young people at our Zeal centres across Aotearoa. An introduction to live sound through hands-on experiences with industry standard equipment provided by Zeal.

Learn to set up and control a PA system in an encouraging environment. 

Gain teamwork skills and learn alongside like minded young people

Have opportunities to assist in Zeal shows and events during and after the course

I found this course so much fun and interesting. I liked that nobody got left behind, everyone was included and if someone made a mistake, nobody would hold it against them

What's covered in our Audio Engineering training

  • Gain knowledge using console/sound desk
  • Learn to set up a PA
  • Understanding needs of artist/clients
  • Gain an understanding of work ethic and expectation
  • Learn the different types of cables and how to coil
  • Signal flow, gain and pickup patterns, equalizing, compressing and some basic effects
  • Put all your new skills to practice at a Zeal event

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