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Information for Gateway Coordinators

Zeal offers a range of Gateway courses at our Zeal centres across Aotearoa.

Why Zeal?

We provide a supportive, engaging and hands on experience for young people to learn their chosen skill

Young people learn real skills that they can put into practice through our events, showcases or barista work.

Students are welcome into the wider Zeal community, including hangs, events, mentoring , camps and more

Our spaces and people are a reflection of our work. Our spaces are unique to other educational spaces

We stay connected after the programme. Young people have the opportunity to stay in touch including if they need references

We are dedicated to helping young people gain their credits. If a young person doesn’t pass we will do what we can to support this young person to achieve

Our message to students

  • We promise to uphold your mana
  • Once you start programmes, you’re part of the wider Zeal community, we will welcome you in other areas of our space
  • We believe in offering a learning style that best suits your needs
  • Credits are an important aspect of our programmes and with your help, we will get there together
  • We believe in mutually respectful relationships between tutors, Zeal and you
  • We provide a safe space where failure is part of the learning journey and will encourage you to keep going

What’s included in Zeal’s Gateway Programmes

  • We provide a diverse group of youth workers on site to ensure best practices are provided, ensuring a positive experience
  • Our tutors are reliable, experienced, relatable and passionate about their creative skills
  • We offer quality industry standard gear on-site including cameras, PA systems, sound desks, music gear, computers, barista equipment and more
  • Real practical experience through end of term events, showcases or coffee making for customers
  • We also have opportunities for young people to return and extend their new knowledge through volunteer work at Zeal

What programmes are included under gateway?

Barista @ Zeal Kāpiti

4 Week Course

Live Sound @ Zeal Wellington

4 Week Course

Photography @ Zeal Wellington

4 Week Course

Event Management @ Zeal Wellington

4 Week Course

Barista @ Zeal Wellington

4 Week Course

Earning Credits

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