Learn Music at Zeal

Learn drums, guitar and vocals, or build confidence in what you know! You can use these skills for your own hobbies, or as a way to introduce yourself to work as a creative.

 Learn basic theory on an instrument of your choice (guitar / drums / vocals)

Practice, practice, practice and apply theory in a performance. We work towards an End of Year Show!

Use your new knowledge within a recording environment and take home your own recording

I’ve always had a passion for music but never thought I could do it until Zeal gave me the confidence, I felt nervous at the start but the tutor helped me to get over any fears and have fun”

What's covered in our Music training

Guitar programme

  • Naming different parts of a guitar
  • Basic theory (string names, fret numbers)
  • Basic understanding of chord shapes
  • Applying chords to popular songs

Vocals programme

  • Vocal techniques
  • Performance/stage presence
  • Learn confidence while singing in front of others
  • Applying learning to popular songs

Drums programme

  • Naming different parts of drums
  • Basic theory (reading and writing drum tabs)
  • Different grooves and fills for range of genres
  • Applying learning to popular songs

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