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Hamilton programmes go digital, plus an epic showcase

Photo credit: @staceytangaere

Providing creative options

Zeal Hamilton programmes wraps up 2021 after running eight intakes of programmes including

  • Photography
  • Barista
  • Song Writing
  • Vocal Ensemble 
  • Hip Hop
  • Recording
  • Beat Making
  • Graphic Design

Programmes showcase was massive!

A big success of this year was the term 2 end of term showcase. This was a chance for students to show off what they’d learnt and created to their community. Students used every part of our building to showcase their work, including walls, staircases, projectors and the auditorium. Music created by the Beat Making students played throughout the centre, as visitors walked through and enjoyed. 150 friends and whānau members came to support the young people on the night. It was a total success and a big celebration for the young people involved.

Overcoming lockdown challenges

During lockdown, we took all programmes into the digital realm. Google Classrooms were created where young people learned and connected with their peers and programme leaders. Tutors, youth workers and coordinators met weekly so we could adapt to our changing circumstances.

They are constantly checking in and making sure you are doing okay, and if something’s wrong they help you find solutions, you can tell they genuinely care about their young people.

A highlight for programmes this year has been seeing the wider whanau support. It's special seeing young people joining programmes and then their siblings or cousins will. Watching the parents feel so proud, and them knowing that we exist for them beyond programmes but as a place of support for their young person.

What’s next for 2022

We’re excited to offer more high quality programmes, pushing the boundaries of what creative is and introducing different types of creativity to Zeal Hamilton.

Special thanks

To WEL Energy Trust, Trust Waikato, MYD Ākonga Youth Development Community Fund, Common Good Foundation and Tasman Smith Charitable Trust. With your help, we were able to support more young people.

Want to get amongst?

If you are keen to get involved or know someone who would benefit from these programmes, hit us up below!