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Whats been going down at Zeal Taranaki

2022 has been a recorded breaking year for Zeal Taranaki. Possibly one of the best spaces for young people in New Plymouth, here’s some epic stuff that’s been going down. 

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Lights out party

First week of term 3, Zeal Taranaki kicked off with the Lights out party. A free entry event open to any high school-aged young person ( 13-18) The Lights out party was planned and set up by Zeal young people who pulled off the successful night. 

A whopping 540 young people attended making it their biggest party at Zeal Taranaki yet. 

The dance floor was pumping the whole night and young people were polite, respectful and following the rules – this meant everyone was safe and having a great night – good vibes!  

New Plymouth community came together to provide a safe and fun environment for young people to let loose including 

Supported by graphic New Plymouth, Mad Media, New Plymouth District Council, New Zealand Music Commission and  Fisher Taranaki.

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KAItiaki Compost

Three of Zeal Taranaki Alternative Education students, Te Reinga Rangiwai, Caesar Davis and Kanye Taipari started KAItiaki Compost, a business where they collect food waste from businesses and turn it into compost.

KAItiaki has been featured in New Plymouth Live Magazine and the New Plymouth District council website, which you can find at local libraries, TSB bank branches and local cafes and magazine shops. 

We are so proud of the initiative, perseverance, leadership and hard mahi they have shown in launching this project.

A huge thank-you to all of the amazing people who have helped get this project off the ground, especially Simon Cayley of Bishop’s Action Foundation, Brittany Ryan of Sustainable Taranaki, Startup Taranaki, Marfell Community Garden, Mitre 10 MEGA New Plymouth, New Plymouth District Council, Toi Foundation  and Ministry of Social Development Food Secure Communities.

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Zeal Hangs

Zeal hangs are on 3.30 – 5.30pm Tuesday to  Friday.  Young people roll into a cool vibe with xbox, food, wifi and fun.


Young people connect with each other, bring their friends or make new ones. Youth workers are throughout hanging ready to provide additional care if needed.


No matter what’s happened in your day, you can always guarantee Zeal will be the vibe to be and youth workers are ready to support young people.

Check out what young people have to say about Zeal Taranaki

Before Zeal I had no control over my disorders and couldn't cope being around people now I have so many friends, reconnected with old ones and have no problem being around people. Plus I have gained some control over my disorders and have met people who are happy to help me with them.

I choose 10 because when I first joined I thought I wouldn’t fit in or get left out, no one liking me but when I came everyone was so welcome and kind and I was very included

It has reduced alot of stress from both home and school having Zeal involved.

If I wasn't attending here I would probably be lost and I’ll be going down the lane I was going to go which I’m glad I haven’t. I’ll be getting into mischief but Zeal has supported me through all my bad times and changed my mindset

Visit from Hon Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Angela Roberts  and Glen Bennett

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Zeal Taranaki had the privileged to have Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Hon Priyanca Radhakrishnan, MP Angela Roberts and MP Glen Bennett. visit Zeal Taranaki.


They met with  Luke the Taranaki Manager and Zeal CEO Jesse as well as our Alternative Education students and staff to hear about the work Zeal is doing in our community. Students spoke of the impact Zeal has had on their life and their desire for more young people to have the support and belonging they have found at Zeal. 

We welcome Tenaya as the new Zeal Taranaki employee

Tenaya first came across Zeal when they came to her school, from there Zeal manager Luke connected with Tenaya encouraging her to perform at Zeal events. 

“Luke had full faith in me and backed me” – Tenaya 

Since then Tanaya has performed at multiple Zeal Taranaki events including empowering young leaders day, the Christmas parade,  local markets and Taranaki’s great skate. Tenaya is now working with Zeal in school’s supporting young people alongside youth worker Daniel.

” Luke really boosted my confidence and gave me the skills to talk myself up, he told me not to be humble. He even gave me a ride to the interview and hyped me up”

We’re proud of Tenaya’s growth and now to have her apart of the Zeal Taranaki crew. 

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Special thank you

To those who have supported Zeal Taranaki, including, NPDC (New Plymouth District Council), TOI Foundation and NZ Music Commission, teachers, parents, youth workers,  funders and of course young people

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