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Kāpiti teenagers celebrate ‘Youthoween’ at new youth centre

Youthoween was a drug and alcohol free event in Kāpiti that was designed to give youth a safe space where they could have fun and celebrate Halloween without being on the streets potentially getting up to mischief.  

I started organising the event, and then thought it’d be cool to get the local youth council and the Zeal volunteer team involved. Going forward with that idea, there were 2 members selected from both the youth council and the volunteer team. I was already on both the youth council and the volunteer team. 

For me, the most epic part of the event was the pumpkin carving competition. Everyone got really engaged and competitive. It was a good last minute decision! Also the crowd interaction when Right Seater went up onto the stage. Everyone was pumped and having a good time. 

The thing I enjoy most about running events at Zeal is definitely the positive feedback and encouragement I get from all the people around me. Theres no idea too crazy that can’t be pulled off and I love a good challenge.

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Our brand spanking new centre is continuing to grow – with word spreading among young people about our afternoon hangs and events, Zeal Kāpiti is coming alive. Even the local police are on board! 

We are loving our new space! After the official opening in July, it’s been a whirlwind of youth led events and activities.