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Zeal Appoints Amanda Pilbrow as Board Chair

Amanda Pilbrow has been appointed as the new Chairperson of Zeal, national youth organisation committed to the transformation of young people’s lives in Aotearoa. 

Amanda replaces Bruce Pilbrow, who finished with Zeal after serving nearly 10 years as Chairman. The board and Zeal leadership would like to express a sincere thank you to Bruce for his years of dedication, humour, and the many unseen hours committed to Zeal’s mission.

Amanda has been a Zeal board member for three years and will commence with the new Chairperson role immediately. As Chairperson, Amanda will provide leadership in Zeal’s governance space, ensuring Zeal keeps its sharp focus on making transformative spaces and experiences accessible to all rangatahi in Aotearoa.

Amanda has just completed a Masters of Applied Theology with Distinction through Carey Baptist College exploring topics of spirituality, sexuality, wholeness, diversity and inclusion. Amanda has a background in sales and people management, people care, is an artist, and has previously served as a Pastor for Young Adults for 5 years. Additionally, Amanda has been a Volunteer Honorary Chaplain at The University of Auckland and Massey University.

“Being an avid reader, listener, and observer I often witness the courage required for young people to simply turn up to just be seen and heard. Too often we can underestimate how much courage this takes”, Amanda says. “I have also witnessed the management skills, work, and dedication that goes on behind the scenes at Zeal in order to create effective, safe spaces for young people.  Zeal, time and again, continues to demonstrate its ability, willingness, and sheer determination to provide such unique spaces. It is an honour, and my pleasure, to accept this position. As chairperson, I value the opportunity to continue being of service to the board, the CEO, and to the young people of Zeal. Bring on 2021”.

Zeal Board Director, Greg Eden, said: “We followed a robust, transparent process for appointing Amanda as our board chair. Amanda brings a wealth of skills from long involvement with young people vocationally including deep concern for those who are isolated and marginalised. Having raised three children, Amanda also has a feel for the issues and stress on both parents and families. The board is excited to have Amanda Chairing Zeal through its next season of service to the young people of Aotearoa”.