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Zeal West creative pathways begin this February. Sign up now.

If you’re an Auckland young person with a passion for photography, hip hop dance, songwriting or art, Zeal West (Henderson, Auckland) has something for you!

We run a bunch of afternoon programmes for creative youth so check out what’s on offer in 2017 and register here

1. Photography

Take your photography to the next level with our industry standard tutors! Whether you’re just starting out or want to step up your game, our beginner and intermediate classes will give you all the skills you need to take that perfect snap.

When: Tuesday afternoons.

2. Hip hop dance

Learn hip hop in a relaxed and fun environment. We have classes for primary school aged kids all the way up to Year 13. No matter your skill level, we’ve got you covered. 

When: Tuesday afternoons.

3. Songwriting

Have you been strumming the same chords trying to figure out what comes next? We can show you how to turn your bedroom demo in to a full blown banga.
When: Wednesday afternoons.

4. Art murals

Explore different artistic themes as we go through what it takes to paint a sweet mural. We will be working towards an exhibition so not only can you learn the technical side of this art form, your work will also be on display for all to see!



All classes work towards a combined performance showcase and exhibition. The total cost is only $70 for a full nine-week course! 

Questions? Contact our pathways extraordinaire via email or at 0800 FIND ZEAL. We hope to hear from you soon!