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Zip lines and rock climbs: Zeal West’s new Adventure Club

The link between physical and mental health is widely documented – so what better way to lift spirits than zip lining over a stream or climbing up a wall?
Despite the warm and dry Zeal West venue, a group of West Auckland young people are braving the elements in search of adventures. Like a club. An Adventure Club. Every Thursday afternoon, the Zeal crew – in association with Adventure Specialties – heads out to exercise and explore West Auckland.
“Each week Adventure Club attendees are put through their paces and face different challenges they need to overcome as a team,” says Beth, Zeal West Youth Worker. “Like how to zip line each other over a stream without falling in!”
“Being out on the water for the first time in a long time was such an amazing experience,” says Justin (19). “It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking some time out of your week to fulfil that drive to get out there and experience something out of the ordinary was so refreshing.”

Adventure Specialties has been operating for over thirty years, working with schools and youth agencies to use outdoor adventure to grow great communities. Together with Zeal, they hope to provide high quality, exciting and safe programmes for our teenagers.
“Watching the sunset and seeing the light play on the city out in the quiet of the river was an island of calm in the hectic week I’d been having,” Justin says. “It’s a good reminder we should all make an effort to have a little more adventure in our lives. 10/10, would do again.”

The Adventure Club meets every Thursday at Zeal West. If you’re keen to get involved, hit up Beth for more info, or come and see us!