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Celebrating Zeal interns

The Zeal Youth Work Internship is an unique opportunity for creative, young change-makers to learn and experience youth development the Zeal way over a life-changing two years of work and study. Youth Work Interns also earn a Diploma in Youth and Community Studies through Praxis.

We chatted to three of our amazing youth workers, Aayliah, Angelo and Jari so you can see how they found it!

One of my learnings from this year that I will be carrying in my kete is restorative practice and values. Zeal has many great opportunities to intentionally incorporate values of honouring young people's voices and encouraging their mana in their lives. When we whakarongo well our young people are empowered and know they are valued.

What impact has Zeal made on your life

“Our team are my second whānau. We spend so much time together and we try to be intentional about keeping good relationships with each other. Over my two years of study they have always been willing to help when I need it and been patient to give me space to prioritise my learning. Much like whānau, we can call each other out when needed but have a laugh at the same time. I have appreciated our team culture this year in particular as I have been working through my studies.” – Aaliyah 

“It’s made me realise that I have a platform and people of all ages are watching. I’m very intentional with what I put out into world whether that be online, in person or any spaces I may operate in.” – Angelo

“Zeal has made a massive impact in my personal life. It’s helped me grow and gain more confidence and given me such an amazing platform to share my gifts and talents. I’ve learnt so much and gotten more comfortable with talking and meeting new youth/people. They’ve made just the biggest impact on me this year that words can’t even explain either!!! I’m super grateful.” – Jari 

Being able to study on the job is something I've really liked doing. And applying the learning whilst its fresh in mind is something I find very good too. I am very thankful to have landed this internship for 2021.

What youth work skills have you learnt this year?

“INTENTION. This word sticks out to me the most, as it sets myself up and the experiences I provide to have more depth to it. Thinking about things like, what are the learning outcomes here, is everyone acknowledged in the space etc.” – Angelo 

“I’ve learnt about ‘Te Whare Tapa Wha’, basically learnt that with a youth or myself there are four dimensions/walls that keep us up and help us with our health! So it’s important to strengthen all those walls and not just one! I also learnt to see youth in a more positive and uplifting approach that there are reasons behind actions!” – Jari 

A memory for sure is going on block courses for each term! Just the whole week of learning, good vibes, memories and being away from the business of life was the best thing and so refreshing! Highlight was definitely meeting new people at block and becoming like a big family, and the laughs for sure!!

Photo Credit: Shzee_photography

Advice for someone thinking about studying youth work

“Don’t be afraid to try new things! This is the best place to make mistakes, learn, and have fun at the same time!” – Aaliyah

“Be prepared to move. Be prepared to have those conversations. This internship can do so much for your life. So come ready to learn. Be open to change and just know what your intentions are when taking on this role!” – Angelo 

“Like Nike says “Just Do It”, I was scared to step out because I didn’t know what youth work was! But I’m so glad I just did it and stepped out to pursue it. So just give it your all and be willing to be challenged in order to grow. – Jari 

Praxis provides transformative learning experiences that, when partnered with the practical experiences their agency provides, gives our students the opportunity to develop new skills and implement new learnings in safe and caring environments like the one Zeal provides for it's interns. Many thanks to Zeal for an awesome 2021"

Shout out 

To all of the Zeal interns.  Angelo Harema, Zhan Teiho, Kimberley Evans, Wasa Ali, Aaliyah Turner, Jari Jacobs. We’re incredibly proud of you all and everything you’ve achieved during 2021

Thinking about becoming a youth worker?

Learn and experience youth development the Zeal way over a life-changing two years of work and study.