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11 Reasons You Need To Do The Live For Tomorrow Photo Challenge This September

by Val Prozorova

Mental health is like a great big elephant in the room. 

We know it’s there, we know that at some point someone will ask about it, but for the moment – while it isn’t disrupting the party or making a mess – we’re often happy to not mention it to anyone, or recognize it ourselves.

Wanting to talk about mental health but not having the right outlet is a common worry for many. Some don’t have the words, others don’t have the means, and while we may want nothing more than to get something off our chest, the chance just never comes up.

That’s where the Live For Tomorrow Challenge comes in! It’s a 10 day social media photo challenge celebrating life in the lead up to World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept 10.

This challenge brings a fun twist to a difficult topic through a medium everyone’s familiar with: photos. For ten days, post a photo a day on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere else you’d love to share it. The challenge helps you learn mindfulness, and is an easy way to practice the five ways to wellbeing  – Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

The #LiveForTomorrow Photo Challenge starts Thursday 1 September, and here’s 11 reasons to do it! Here we go:

1. This challenge will help ground you

Mindfulness is, in essence, learning how to live in the now. And that is what this challenge encourages you to practice. Sometimes the future looks very bright, and the past looks dark and scary – or, occasionally it’s the other way around – and we are so caught up in thinking about then that we don’t give a moment’s thought to now.

But now is where all the excitement happens, and it’s the only moment you have control over! This moment is both the time to make memories to look back on, and a stepping stone towards the future. Cataloguing the present through photos, even for just a little while, can help you remember just how rad it is to be where you are and how you are, and how much farther you can go.

Photo inspiration for the day: why not take a picture of someone who you can’t live without? Someone who helps you remember just how cool the ‘now’ really is?

2. Two Words: Animal Selfies!

Even if you don’t have a pet, you know someone who does. And there is nothing more fun than attempting to juggle a cat and your phone while holding your most fierce selfie face. This challenge not only allows you to do this, it encourages it.
Don’t believe in animal therapy? Let me change your mind.

Photo inspiration for the day: how do you feel? Sometimes being honest with a pet is easier than being honest with a person. Show us what’s on your mind.

3. Get active and discover something new!

Ever find yourself stuck for a reason to go for a walk? That sulky quiet part of your brain coaxing you to stay home? Yes, Netflix. We get it. But there are only so many things you can take photos of at home. The rest you will find out in the big wide world beyond the front door!

Challenge yourself to find something exciting and beautiful on your walk home from school. Try new angles on ordinary objects, zooming in close where you would never have considered to before. Guaranteed, you will find something to look forward to seeing every day from then on.

This is also a great way of practicing one of the five ways to wellbeing: being active!

Photo inspiration for the day: it’s adventure time! Go out and explore – see if you can make a collage of cool things you find on your walk home.

4. Open yourself up to the beauty around you.

Our minds are so busy. It’s hard keeping track! From homework, to what to have for dinner, to the source of that quote that’s been stuck in your head all day, our minds are always running. Sometimes we just need to stop, breathe, and take in the world around us.

There is so much beauty in the world, from sunsets to flowers sprouting up from cracks in the pavement. There’s an abundance of footage for the challenge – and then some!

Photo inspiration for the day: what beautiful people and things do you see in your community every day? Grab some friends and make a day of it. See if you can all find something different to share!

5. Show off your friends!

Friends are the people we often spend the most time with and those we trust with our most intimate secrets. Take on this challenge to celebrate those who give the best advice and are with you through thick and thin!

While you’re at it, encourage them to join the #LiveForTomorrow photo challenge too!

Photo inspiration for the day: although pictures say a thousand words, words can often be incredibly meaningful to us too. Share your favourite quote with us today. Better yet, write it in your own hand!

6. Show off yourself!

You know what? You’re awesome. You really are. And you look BOSS today. Give us your best grins and snarls, your best profile, front on or three-quarter pose. And don’t forget to smize.

Photo inspiration for the day: think back, what advice would you give your younger self? You’ve come so far, and done so much, and you should be so proud! If you could tell that to your younger self, imagine how inspiring that would be?

7. Be encouraged by others’ bravery

The best part about this challenge for me is seeing how many strong and beautiful people around me can have the same doubts about themselves as I do. Knowing you’re not alone is one of the best weapons to have when your mental health takes a bit of a downward turn, and nothing shows solidarity like #LiveForTomorrow.

Plus, connecting with others is one of the ways to wellbeing!

Photo inspiration for the day: what are you grateful for today? Others’ bravery reflects and emboldens your own. Use that energy to find something that will really make you smile.

8. Prove to yourself that this challenge is a piece of cake!

Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s a challenge that you have entire creative control over! Think about it: you’ve overcome every challenge thrown your way to date, and that is an incredible track record. Take to this one with a pep in your step.

Surrounded by friends who have your back, and people who are fighting right along with you will give you the confidence and support to face whatever challenges come your way.

And guess what? Learning and growing is another way to bring wellbeing into your life.

Photo inspiration for the day: what does joy feel like to you? Is it going for a long run in the morning when no one else is awake? Maybe it’s eating ice cream on the beach? Or watching a silly movie with your friends or family? Whatever it is, capture that moment. Treasure it.

9. Now is the best time to really absorb the changing seasons!

Spring is on its way in one hemisphere, and autumn in the other, and no other seasons embody the idea of exciting new change like these do! New blooms and flowers, birdsong and bees, beautiful gold and orange leaves, and that energy in the air – spring and autumn both have so much to show you. And what better way to capture the change of the seasons than through the lens of your camera!

Take notice! The more you do, the more surefire way you’ll feel wellbeing grow within you.

Photo inspiration for the day: what do you absolutely love about yourself? How have you changed and grown stronger? Share it!

10. Tell your story and celebrate your successes

Not all success comes at the same pace. Telling your story through the photos of friends and family, pets and favourite moments, inspirations and aspirations can remind you of just how successful you are, every day, just by being you!

And sharing is caring, remember? The more successes you see, the more encouraged you will be to share your own – a great fifth and final way to bring wellbeing into your life and the lives of others, every day!

For the final photo inspiration idea, all we want you to do, is..

11. Remember how special and unique you are

You are the only you in the world. You’re the only one who can dance like you, who can play trombone like you, who can sing badly to the radio like you. You are the special person in so many people’s lives, and without you, their entire lives would be so different, and nowhere near as bright. I promise.

Photo inspiration for this last day: post us a #HandOverHeart selfie for World Suicide Prevention Day. YOU DID IT! What an incredible journey! We hope you feel as proud of yourself as we do of you. You inspire us to put our hands over our hearts and #LiveForTomorrow with you.

The #LiveForTomorrow Photo Challenge is a 10 day social media challenge, starting Thursday 1 September, and is all about celebrating life in the lead up to World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept 10.

Post or save the challenge photo. Follow the prompt each day, and tag it #LiveForTomorrow.