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A conversation with Hayley Rosser, Zeal Wellington Programmes Coordinator

Staring with us as an intern, Hayley Rosser now works with the Zeal Wellington crew, helping young people to explore their creative passions. We had a quick yarn to her about Programmes and what makes her tick – read on below!


Who are you, and where are you from?

Hayley: My name is Hayley, I’m 26 years old, and I’m originally from Tauranga Moana, but now I call Wellington home.

What did you get up to before this role?

Hayley: Before this role, I was studying for my diploma in Youth and Community Development. I also was studying for my Certificate in Adult Education. I did a two-year internship within Zeal Wellington that lead me to this role today.

What excites you about this role?

Hayley: I think I’m far too aware of what it feels like to be a young person struggling through our education system, because sadly, I was one. Because of that, working alongside young people to help them gain skills in a way that empowers them is very exciting to me. I love working for Zeal because at the core of everything we do is youth development – we strive to be beyond ticking the NCEA box and give young people true belonging and skills.

What are your passions / values?

Hayley: Luckily, my passions are parallel with my work. So I get to breathe my passion every day. But to put it simply my passions are to help others to live a life with empathy, equality, kindness, and love.

Why should a student choose to be a part of a Zeal Programme?

Hayley: Zeal’s vision and mission is the beating heart of Programmes. My goal is to create a Programme that is both skills-based, personal development and heaps of fun. We approach Programmes through different avenues of learning to suit young people because we understand that learning new skills is unique for everyone, we also have youth workers involved in every Programme to better support the students.

Anything else to add?

Hayley: We celebrate all young people no matter what walk of life. You don’t need to be top of your class to be a part of our Programmes, because passion is the most important thing to us. I see Programmes in the future continue to challenge and excite young people.