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A Massive Youth Week 2021 for Zeal Hamilton

2021 has been a year of change for Zeal Hamilton, with a whole new crew and a complete relaunch of hangs in our space. We kicked off with an event earlier this year with over 200 young people in attendance and our hangs have been blowing up ever since. Every afternoon at least 20 young people come through our doors! 

We were keen to ramp up again for Youth Week 2021 (8th – 16th May), and the theme for the week, “We’re Stronger Together”, couldn’t have been more apt, with loads of epic collaborations happening between the Zeal Hams community and other organizations.

Here are some highlights

Thursday 13th May – Collaboration with Youth INtact

  • We hosted a “jam afternoon” 
  • 25 people in attendance
  • Youth INtact picked up young people from all over Waikato to come to the event
  • We set up a full band in our jam room and had young people on every instrument
  • The Zeal team facilitated the event and taught songs for everyone to play
  • Some of the Youth INtact crowd were so pumped they came out to our Talent Show the following night

Friday 14th May – Collaboration with Whai Marama Youth Services/NZMA/Te Rūnanga Ō Kirikiriroa

  • Between the Zeal team and Logan from Whai Marama Youth Services we organised basically an expo day where there were a number of different youth orgs in our ZEAL space
  • NZMA were making coffees, there were barbers giving free cuts, a beautician giving face massages and beauty therapy, a Fortnite competition (we set up 6 TV’s and got 6 Playstations and set it up in the main auditorium – it was EPIC)
  • Had around 250-300 young people in the space from 10am-2pm
  • We still have young people from this event attending our hangs space

Friday 14th May – In collaboration with Ara Taiohi we put on our Zeal event for Youth Week

  • Event was called KOTAHITANGA Youth Talent Quest
  • We had 11 people sign up from ages 11-18
  • Had two industry professionals as judges, one of them being the 2015 winner of NZ X-Factor
  • Had close to 300 in attendance
  • All 11 performers were so good that it was so hard to choose a winner

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