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Are you a DJ, dance crew or band looking to express your creativity?

A few weeks ago I got the chance to see a Zeal music event in action. I have seen dozens of these events over the years – and it never gets old. Somehow, after 18 years of providing some of New Zealand’s best all ages shows, Zeal is still at it and is still on top of its game. Maybe it’s because here at Zeal, we live for music and creativity. We know what it’s like to write your first song or drop your first beat or compete in your first dance comp – that gives an adrenalin rush like few other things in life.
To the outside world our events can look like entertainment. But shows and gigs are more than just posters, lights and a stage to perform on. Performing original creative work has meaning. It gives the author of the work a place to express and discover themselves – in one special moment that feels like it lasts a lifetime. 
I played my first show at Zeal in 2001. A queue of 150 kids stood outside the Victoria street venue in Wellington as my band were ushered through to the green room. I had never been in a green room before but it was amazing to be sitting ‘backstage’ for the first time. It felt like we mattered. I will forever remember the tingling feeling of walking out on that stage to perform to a crowd who queued to see a bunch of ‘nobody’s’. It may have been a show that none of the crowd recalls now, but I can, and I remember the confidence it gave me to pursue other creative passions. My band went nowhere; but my life took off. 

Fast forward to now, 15 years on, my passion is to fund venues, equipment and young creatives so we can put on shows that give budding musicians and creatives that same feeling I had in 2001. 
Are you a DJ, dance crew or band looking for a chance to express your creativity? Don’t look further than Zeal – put a show on at our place…and feel alive!