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Barista courses, open mic nights and epic hangs in Kapiti this March

Ōtaki College‘s Zeal Barista course is up and running, with young people gaining skills and work experience.  6 passionate young people have already smashed out 3 Level 3 and 4 Level 2 NCEA credits. They are pumping on Espresso production and we can’t wait to buy coffee off them when the cart opens at school on the 22nd of March!

Girls Group and Phat Chats have also kicked off for 2018 – inclusive groups held on Mondays where anyone who identifies as female or male can come and chill in a safe space.

New Kāpiti intern Sarah Watson has kicked off the first Art Club, which runs every second Wednesday at Te Newhanga Kāpiti Community Centre.

“Art Club kicked off at the end of February,” Sarah says. “It’s been so cool to see the young people tapping into their creativity and the art that has come out of that! Watch this space!”

On 8th March, the Kāpiti crew held their first Musician’s Lounge of the year, an open mic night where anyone 13 – 20 can jam and connect with local musos. “Was great to kick that event off, and the atmosphere was great,” says Dooley.

All the while, the venue build is coming along strong – check out the (in progress) event space below!

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