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5 tips for pulling off epic all ages events from Zeal Event Bootcamp

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Over the weekend, Zeal West hosted our first Events Bootcamp – an epic workshop to train young people in how to run huge U18 events. Also, there was food.

Zeal Event Bootcamp is coming to Wellington, New Plymouth & Hawke’s Bay!

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Young people come from across Auckland, Hamilton and beyond. Eleven seasoned Event Management professionals held six workshops throughout the day, covering everything from the dream, all the way to the reality.

For those who weren’t able to make it, and for the others who are thinking of attending one of our other Bootcamps in July, here’s some tips we picked up on the day.

Listen to this song to enhance your reading experience and make it feel like you’re planning and stuff.

1. Have a solid vision in mind

It’s important to know exactly what you want to achieve when you first start planning your event. School ball. DJ night. Hardcore show. Whatever the event, write down everything that comes to your head!

How many people do you want to attend? Who do you want to perform? Where and when are you going to hold your show? Plan out how you’re going to promote it and what your budget is (be realistic!). 

Another thing to consider is whether there are any similar events going on at the same time as yours – you’ll want to avoid clashes as much as possible.

2. What’s the game plan?

Whether it be on the back of an envelope, the notes app on your phone or an old typewriter you found on TradeMe, you’ve gotta write out your plan (actually, you’ll probably want it digital so your team can make changes and you can send it out to performers later. Don’t do the typewriter thing). 

Smash out a solid timeline of when you’ll want to have booked the venue, confirmed performers, and when you’ll start advertising. The more you plan, the less you’ll have to deal with when it’s crunch time and you realise you’ve forgotten to get a permit for your inflatable tube man
Figure out how much you’re going to charge attendees and how much the event will cost you overall. The trick is to end up with more money than you started off with. Or at least, the same as you started off with. Just not less than you started off with.

3. Events are a team effort

Doing events on your own isn’t impossible, but it may leave you so stressed that all of your hair falls out, and if you’re in to having hair, this may not be the desired result. Find yourself a solid crew of people who can help you out. 

Ask your mates if any of them are keen to lend a hand with set-up, promotion, looking after the bands, or replying to emails (the fun part). Building a team is crucial to executing an epic event and keeping some of your sanity.

4. Tell your friends about it

A wise man once said, “if you book them, they will come.” That quote doesn’t really relate to getting punters to come to your show, but it’s a good movie. 

You’re going to want to promote your event as much as you can to raise awareness. Get your graphic design friend to do up a poster for you. Print some out and stick them on the windows at school (NOT WITH GLUE).
Make a Facebook event. Get your Insta famous mate to post about it. List the details on Eventfinda or a similar website. Send out a mass text. Do people still do that? Try it anyway. 
Hit up your local radio station and see if they’ll plug your event for some free tickets to give away. Think outside the box! The possibilities are endless.

5. Try not to panic

If you’ve got a solid plan, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of common issues that come up on the day, but it’s impossible to predict how it’s gonna go until it’s actually happening.

If everything feels like it’s falling apart, keep in mind the reasons why you put the event on in the first place and look at it from an outside perspective. Some things that may seem like a massive deal may not even affect the attendees at all! And what would a show be without a bit of chaos?

Bonus round

  • Get a photographer – it’s the best way to keep event hype going.
  • Drink plenty of water on the day and have enough for your team.
  • Give away a few free tickets. People will come if their mates will be there.
  • Bring earplugs. Tinnitus is way lamer than hearing the music kind of quietly

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Monday 17th July

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