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Jazz jams blow crowd away at Zeal Welly’s first gig

Zeal Wellington had their first show in their just-opened Cuba St venue this October, with young musicians jumping up and having a crack at the world’s smoothest genre.

Local bands Royal Blue and Dandelion Dan The Gentle Jandal Man kicked off the night, with the stage opening up towards the end of the night to a jam session. Experienced jazz musicians mixed with beginners and enthusiasts alike to fill the new space with creativity.

The Welly crew has been settling in to the new centre well, with afterschool programmes, art club and Girls Group ensuring there’s never a time where the space isn’t full of life.

“It’s been amazing to be in our own space after such a long time without one,” says Jenna, Zeal Wellington’s regional manager. “We’re loving being in such a central part of the city, right on Cuba St. It’s a smaller space, but it’s still just as full of energy and creativity.” 

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