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Kāpiti sure loves its coffee

Kia ora

It has been a full start to year here at Zeal Kāpiti. We’ve been at a whole bunch of community events and kicked off creative programmes for the year. In amongst this, we have also walked through some real challenges together as a Zeal Kāpiti whānau. We’re looking forward to the rest of the year and are more passionate then ever about our mahi and local community.

22 young people

at afternoon hangs each day 

5 creative programmes

running in Term 1

A Good Story – Meet Ace

“I’m Ace. I’ve been coming to Zeal Kāpiti for a year now and it has impacted my life in so many different ways – but especially my social life. 

I was homeschooled for a couple of years and didn’t get any contact with like-minded young people. And now I get to because of Zeal. 

Zeal’s also given me so many opportunities and experiences but most of all, it’s helped me find so much more purpose in my life.”

Out in the community

The start of this year has been all about community events! We started our year supporting the annual Waikanae Lions Garden Trail, where we had our coffee cart smashing out iced coffees and a number of young people performing throughout the two days. 
Our stage trailer and live sound equipment and team made an appearance alongside Kāpiti Local Council at three Acoustic In the Park events. The last of which featured Zeal performers exclusively! 
We also provided sound for Council’s Movie In The Park, which was amazing. We have loved the opportunities to support these events where our community gets to gather and connect. 

Kāpiti loves its coffee

Last year, one of our (awesome) youth workers, Sean, got trained up to run barista courses. Since then, we’ve realised just how much Kāpiti loves coffee because there has been such demand for it! 
Monique, our (also awesome) Programme Coordinator has been working hard to get a coffee machine refurbished and installed in the performing arts centre of a local college. This would set us up to run three or more barista programmes each term (and maybe more)!