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Matt Grey resigns as Zeal CEO

After almost nine years service at youth organisation Zeal, including one year as CEO, today Matt Grey has resigned.

Matt first began his Zeal journey as a volunteer youth worker at Zeal West Auckland in 2009. With an unwavering heart for the consistent and compassionate care of young people, he took on leadership roles including Zeal West Manager and Zeal General Manager, before stepping into CEO in April 2017.

On his announcement, Matt said: “After eight and half years at Zeal, I have decided to move on. What an incredible journey it has been. Coming into Zeal I was struck by the incredible passion of the staff and volunteers to affect the lives of young people, and their willingness to go well beyond what they were paid so that young people were safe and well cared for. This was not a job but a mission. I was infected by the culture and quickly joined the mission. I feel blessed to see so many young people find a home, a second family and eventually a sense of self-worth at Zeal.”

Zeal Board Chairman, Bruce Pilbrow, said: “Matt as CEO was just what Zeal needed for this season. He lives and breathes our mission and he has lead Zeal exceptionally well. The organisation is healthy, focused and in good spirit.

“What we love about Matt is one moment he is our CEO and the next he is face-to-face with young people on the streets, giving them hope, love and a sense of belonging. Matt will be missed and will leave a big hole in our organisation. But he leaves knowing he has changed so many lives both personally and indirectly through his superb leadership and passion. The Board now have the task of looking for our new leader. They are big shoes to fill and a mission second to none.”

Matt Grey will finish as CEO on 29 June. The Board of Trustees is currently undergoing recruitment to fill the CEO role. More info can be found at zeal.nz/notyouraverageceo

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“The thing that amazes me the most about the Zeal team is their single minded passion to make a difference in the lives of young people. A lot of people go through their life asking “what’s in it for me,” but the Zeal team ask “what can I do for others”.”