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Young people explore nostalgia through creativity at Hamilton acoustic night

We all have music that holds on to certain memories for all of us, like a keepsake box full of old polaroids, postcards, and pretty rocks found from a road trip long ago.

For ‘Zeal Acoustics’ return in 2018, 55 attendees watched our young artists as they explored the motif of nostalgia and reconnected with cherished memories through a night of tunes, coffee, and fairy lights.

The night was organised by Jason and two of our event management course graduates. The event management students’ enthusiasm was epic, with them taking responsibility for planning, promoting and contacting artists.

“We really wanted to pay homage to the bedroom musician vibes because we know that’s where a lot of our talent found their passion,” says Maddy (17), one of the event organizers.
“We crammed the stage with old vinyl records, antique finds and fairy lights, it was messy, but what teenagers bedroom isn’t? The nostalgia theme was the opportunity to celebrate the songs that inspired us. We really enjoyed the vibe of the night and are super grateful to everyone that was there to help us make it.”

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