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Zeal Hamilton collabs with YWCA for youth photography workshop

In August, the Zeal Hamilton Programmes team collaborated with our local YWCA for a crash course in photography.
11 young women from the Young Women’s Christian Association came up to our Hamilton Zeal venue for an afternoon, with our photography tutor
Ash teaching them the basics of taking and editing photos. The workshop acted as a shortened version of our Photography Programme, which runs for 10 weeks during the school term.
“It was awesome to have new people come into Zeal and see what we’re about – and now they are all super keen on Photography!” Ash said.

The session ended with a portrait session outside, and Ash showing the young people how to edit their snaps on Photoshop. Each young person left with an slick pic to take home, taken by a friend in the workshop.

“Zeal Hamilton is committed to meaningful collaboration with youth organisations throughout the city, joining together to ensure every young Hamiltonian has the opportunity to discover more about themselves and their creative passions,” Lehi says, Zeal Hamilton’s Manager. “We hope that in some small way this workshop enabled the attendees to get their hands dirty with creativity, spending time together to learn and try new things.”

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“When we walked back to Zeal after the exhibition, one of our young people from the programme said “that was really special,” says Mandy, Programmes Coordinator. “‘At school in our photography class, our teacher is the only person that sees our photos. It was really cool to be able to show the community.'” .

“Be honest with young people about your struggle and your mess. They’re constantly learning how they understand the world and themselves, and along this journey they need honesty more than anything.