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Zeal Stage set to light up Cuba Dupa Festival

On Saturday 19 March Wellington will come alive with Cuba Dupa—Cuba Street’s epic street festival. And Zeal’s Event Box is going to be in the thick of the action with an impressive line up of bands and artists. 

Where? Leeds Street car park, Wellington. 

When? Sat 19 March 7-11pm

How much? FREE!

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7:00pm – Jimmy and the Jets (Wgtn)

Starting out on the streets of Wellington, Jimmy and the Jets’ sweet sounds can be heard most weekends. A group of friends with a background in jazz and a taste for all the classic hits, you can expect to hear tunes from artists such as Marvin Gaye to Alicia Keys to Cee Lo Green. Tight horns, good vibes, fun times! More

7:20pm – Peter Dew (Wgtn)

Peters music career started off by making music with whatever he could find. Travelled, lived all over the world, found belonging in music and expression through sound. He can play practically anything with strings.
Currently studying music composition at NZ School of Music. More

7:40pm – Poetry in Motion (Wgtn)

These four young poets will be rep’n Zeal. These young wordsmiths have stood out from poetry slams and open mic nights.
Poetry in Motion is an inclusive group, which aims to raise the profile of spoken word as a fun and entertaining art form and challenge people’s notions of what poetry is and can be. More

8:00pm – Towers (Wgtn)

Towers are an award-winning indie pop band from New Zealand.
The five-piece, made up of Sam Cotton, Jesse Finn, Steffan Paton, Connor Scott and Kenyon Shankie, describe their cinematic sound as a blend of synth pop and folk with a focus on their dual vocals.
In the last year the group have released two singles, appeared on TV, collected awards for best song writing and vocals at the NZ Battle of the Bands and landed a 12-part video feature on Stuff. More

8:45pm – City Talk (Hutt Valley)

Catchy, energetic and original, this Lower Hutt-based band are four lively good mates passionate about creating a new wave of modern kiwi pop music. Bursting with a fiery ambition to reinvigorate Wellington’s teenaged music scene, this vibrant band are primed and ready to roll. Already gaining an army of loyal allies, you can be assured that City Talk will have the audience captivated, amped up and partying hard.

9:20pm – Unchained (Akld)

Unchained (Hugh Ozumba) is a Nigerian Kiwi rapper and producer from central Auckland. His distinct flavour of underground hip hop with a hint of African inspired rhythms will leave a sweet taste for listeners. Lyrically, he juxtaposes between sharp, thought-provoking socio-political commentary; deep self reflection; everyday, lighthearted musings; and honest discussions about his Christian faith.

10:00pm – Content Therapy (Wgtn + East Coast)

With an impressive repertoire of tracks boasting powerful and unique lyrics, Content Therapy’s (East Coast’s Rikashade James and Wellington’s MC Tree) music addresses the confusions of modern day society, bringing political issues to the forefront and spilling truths that are hard to ignore. The duo utilise wordplay with meaning and demand critical thinking of the listener with controversial messages.
Content Therapy are an act not to be missed, pushing the boundaries of conventional hip hop. More

10:30pm – Taniwha Bassline

Genres are over rated. Too many people stick to one thing. Maybe two things. But how can you call yourself a DJ if you cant jock any disk? Taniwha Bassline pride themselves in keeping it real, and playing anything and everything under the sun. You won’t find one or two genres here. No, my friend, you will find a whole lot. In fact, your grandmother would probably enjoy them as much you do. Vinyl, CDJ’s, keyboards, mic’s, FX units, everything. Rocking parties all across the country with an intelligent assortment of tracks, including interesting originals of their own, Taniwha Bassline is taking this year seriously. Maybe not as serious as you. Either way, expect big!

Plus, house DJ: Maxwell Young (Wgtn) – Hip hop, electronic, indie rock, indie pop