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Zeal students kick off first youth-led HYPE event in Hamilton

There’s nothing better than seeing young people empowered to share their passions with their friends and family. At Hamilton’s first HYPE event, completely run by our Programmes students, over 60 young people came out to see young talent take the stage.

The event was put together over five weeks by our Event Management students. The course, run by Zeal-kid-turned-tutor Dani, covers planning, budgets, booking amazing local talent and making sure everything runs smoothly on the night.
Nine Hamilton-based young people performed live music and slam poetry while 20 volunteers ran around the whole night making coffee, changing the colours on the lighting rig and making sure all the musical equipment was making noise.

“HYPE was truly an example of why I do what I do,” says Mandy Huser, Zeal Hamilton’s Youth Development Coordinator. “Seeing the young people from our Programme absolutely thriving in their element, choosing to put together an event that focuses on empowering other young people, and raising money for youth mental health in NZ.. That is all I ever want for our young people. To feel like they have the tools to get after their passions and create social change. That is everything.”

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