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Zeal West celebrates young creativity in collaboration with IDEA services

In September, the Zeal Programmes crew celebrated young West Auckland talent at their exhibition, People & Places, filled with photography and art from IDEA Service’s students.
IHC, through IDEA Services, supports young people with intellectual disabilities to live in their own homes and be part of their local communities. Over the last school term, the West crew collaborated with IDEA to run a creative arts / photography programme, ending in the exhibition on 28th September.
Friends, family and supporters came through on the Thursday afternoon to view the completed artworks and see the prizegiving ceremony, where students were given certificates having completed the course.
Zeal West is now accepting sign ups for Creative Programmes in Term 4 – including hip hop dance, art murals, DJ breakdown, blogging & vlogging, photography and signwriting. If you (or someone you know) are keen, head to zeal.nz/programmes to sign up!

Read more from West Auckland:

“I think the exhibition format helps remove some of the vulnerability you feel as a performer, and is a great way for people to bridge that gap in the introductory stage of learning to perform in front of an audience.”

Despite the warm and dry Zeal West venue, a group of West Auckland young people are braving the elements in search of adventures. Every Thursday afternoon, the Zeal crew – in association with Adventure Specialties – heads out to exercise and explore West Auckland.